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  1. Has anyone completed this programme? Is anyone on this programme? Has anyone been admitted to start in 2018? I start at Groningen after Warsaw, would love to hear from others.
  2. Yes and they haven’t replied yet. have you had a response?
  3. Hi, you are on the reserve list for EMMIR? i applied but have heard nothing, not reserve list or rejection! Could i ask your background please?
  4. Hi i have applied to EMMIR but heard nothing at all, you have been informed you are on the reserve list???
  5. Well i didnt get the Scholarship for NOHA, nothing back for EMMIR yet, so wait n see i guess. Not hopefull now though. Trying to decide whether to appeal/or apply as a fee payer.
  6. Piecing together different bits of information: Congratulations, you must be very pleased? The wait is absolutely killing me!
  7. Still nothing for EMMIR and NOHA+ for me. Final deadline for NOHA+ is Sunday but they should have allocated Scholarships by now surely?
  8. Could i ask about ur background? im waiting on NOHA and EMMIR!
  9. Hey, I've applied to EMMIR and NOHA+, both have information on their websites saying that they inform ineligible candidates by now, so i've passed first screening. Next deadline is mid-April! I've also applied for Oslo and Oxford! The wait is killing me!
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