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  1. BU has the better network and more clout in the Journalism field. Both schools have their pros and cons. My thinking is that the salary ceiling after BU is higher than the salary ceiling after Emerson, making the management of either debt similarly manageable if that makes sense.
  2. Hey folks, I've been accepted to both Emerson and BU for an M.S. in Journalism. BU is crazy expensive, and the scholarship I was offered in my admissions letter covers ~23% of the total tuition cost. Emerson is significantly less expensive and my scholarship offer covers about 20% of the total tuition cost. When I leave Emerson, I'll be in significantly less debt than if I go to BU. There are pros and cons to both schools, and I've weighed them heavily. I attended BU's COM grad open house this past weekend, and I was genuinely unimpressed. Instead of giving us a full slate of Journ
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