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  1. Do you check your status for UCI via portal or do they send you an email? Thanks.
  2. How does one make their profile a lot more attractive? Thanks.
  3. She would prefer the university that she is waitlisted for, it's for her master's degree. She received an email a few weeks ago asking her if she would still be interested and that they were waiting to hear back from two people. There are only six spots available though so odds are not in her favor. She even thought about putting it off for a year and then reapplying but I don't know if that's a wise decision or not.
  4. My daughter finds herself in this difficult position as well. She was accepted into one university and waitlisted for another, which is her first choice. She has to let the university she was accepted to know by April 6th and the waitlisted university, they will notify her by April 15th. She is really torn as to what to do.
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