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  1. I deeply appreciate the advice on this topic. Our faculty chair is also my academic advisor, I'll seek him out this week for advice. Forget to consider life after this process so the advice to be careful not to burn bridge is so great here. I'm really encouraged reading these responses! Thank you all!
  2. Hi all! I'm [supposedly] at the end of my studies, but I've had what I feel is an awful advisor/student experience and I’m concerned it’ll prevent me from finishing. I’m currently finishing writing up my dissertation. The majority of it is written, I completed my last science (work) chapter earlier this week and am now working on my introductory and concluding chapters. Short version: Problem: I haven’t gotten meaningful feedback on the last 60% of my research work and it stresses me out! Put short, my thesis is three mini-projects, with the last 2 being spin-offs from the firs
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