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  1. Very wise words. I appreciate the time you've spent telling me these things. I had all but given up on my chances of being accepted anywhere because of my degree; I've actually talked with my mother about the possibility of her helping me get the professional degree, and it's looking like that may be an option after all. It will delay me two semesters from where I was, but I'll take all those extra classes that will level the playing field for me, and it will give me more time for research before I apply. I've become friends with the professor I did research for last semester, and he will be m
  2. We have no analytical classes of any sort (except instrumental analysis, but I know you don't mean that one in particular). The professional chemistry degree is ACS certified though; however, the applied chemistry degree is not. I only have about 3 months of research right now because my university was hit by a terrible storm that destroyed a good majority of our science labs so I was forced to cut my research short, but only by about a month (we were doing Eutectics and were already pretty much done anyway). I'll be doing more research in the fall.
  3. I'm a senior. We have to take quantitative, one semester of p chem, 2 organics, 2 gen chems, and some electives (I took biochem 1&2 and toxicological chem, I'm going to take instrumental analysis). I'm only required to have precal, but I took cal 1 and a higher level math class. I go to a small university that puts out very few chemists because the degree is "hard" so few attempt it. I think we only have 4 chemistry professors.
  4. Duly noted. However, taking different chemistry classes will require me to switch majors and extend my stay, and I can't afford that. I did ask about the calculus though, so if the school says that will boost my odds, I'll definitely take that. I'm going in for a biochemistry degree, and I've already had two semesters of that. Thank you for responding to me.
  5. Hello! I come from a small, public university. My major is applied chemistry- I'm not required to take calculus I or II (but I took cal I anyway), calculus-based physics, or two semesters of physical chemistry (I only have to take concepts). I have a 3.93 GPA and one semester of research; I'm aiming to do an internship this summer and I'm going to take the GRE later (but it isn't required for my no. 1 school). How competitive am I, in your opinion, against those who have taken both calculus classes, calculus-based physics, and two semesters of physical chemistry?
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