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  1. Hey everyone, thought I'd join in: UW Genome Sciences (rejected) Wash U CSB (on-campus interview) UCLA Gene Regulation, Epigenomics and Transcriptomics (on-campus interview) UMich PIBS (on-campus interview) Princeton QCB UCSD BISB BU bioinformatics MD Anderson UTHealth bioinformatics/biostatistics UPenn biostatistics UMich biostatistics BU biostatistics
  2. If I were to take a job right out of college and do an online MS degree in biostatistics on the side, how would my prospects be for jobs and PhD programs after I finish the degree?
  3. Undergrad/grad Institution: Vanderbilt Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology Minors: Scientific Computing, Chemistry, (maybe math, if I decide to take diff eq) GPA: 3.8 Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male Relevant Courses: Single variable calc 1 and 2 (5 on AP test), multivariable calc (A-), intro to stats and probability (A-), stats lab (A), biostats (A), genome science (A), thermodynamics (A-), calc-based physics lecture and lab (A), Data Science Methods for Smart Cities (A) Courses in progress: Foundations in bioinformatics (grad course), linear alg, real analysis GRE: Taking in a week, but I got 180 quantitative on all practice tests, 155-160 on verbal Career goals: Leaning towards industry. Interested in bioinformatics, and I want to get a solid education in the statistical theory behind it Programs Applying: Biostatistics PhD (only applying to MS programs if PhD apps don't work out) Research Experience: Two years worth of research at Vanderbilt (one project on RNAseq analysis, new lab focused on machine learning for genetics) One summer internship in industry focused on machine learning and medical imaging Just got back from 3 week Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics at UW. Mostly just attended lectures, but I luckily got to talk to the UW professors a little Recommendation Letters: One from biostats prof, the other two from PIs from two diff labs, one of whom is a big name in evolutionary genomics Coding Experience: R, Python, Matlab Applying to: University of Washington University of Michigan University of Minnesota UNC Yale UPenn MD Anderson Duke University of Pittsburgh Boston University University of Rochester I know my math background is lacking, but I only recently became interested in biostats, and I'm trying to make it up by taking more math courses senior year. Any tips? Or schools you would add/remove from my list?
  4. I am applying for biostatistics grad school for Fall 2019. Given that I will have taken three math classes (multi, intro prob and stats, and lin alg) in college by the time I turn in applications given my current plans, would it be more beneficial for me to take another undergrad math course(ODE, real analysis, or mathematics of data science) next semester, or continue with my plan of two grad-level courses next semester? The grad class I would drop in favor of a math class would be Computational Structural Biology (i.e. protein modeling).
  5. Given my credentials above, do you think I would get an MS offer?
  6. I've heard of a lot of people who applied to University of Michigan's Biostatistics PhD program and got offered admission to their MS to PhD fast track. My question is should I apply for just the MS, just the PhD, or both programs if I want to get that fast track offer? I'm a molecular and cellular biology major, with a little higher than a 3.7 math GPA (only took "multivariable calc" and "intro to statistics and probability and the associated lab", and I'm taking linear algebra this fall, maybe another math class spring semester). I also saw on the UM website's tableau graph that around 70% of applicants get into their MS program. Am I just imagining that?
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