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  1. Yep I got the same email. I guess we just have to take it one week at a time 🙃
  2. I'm currently finishing another master's program in New Hampshire, but I'm originally from Long Island. I'm excited to be closer to home again in all honesty lol
  3. To my knowledge, Columbia is still currently planning to have in-person classes in the fall. I'm sure they'll be very direct and let us know ASAP if/when they decide to change that. I've been playing around with the idea of deferring for a year, but I think I'd loose the scholarship that I got. So I think I'll stick with whatever Columbia decides to do for now.
  4. Hey! I'll be a student in the American Studies MA Program. Looking forward to the fall aswell
  5. It's been awhile since I've been on Grad Cafe, but I'm just popping in to say that I was just accepted into Columbia's MA American Studies Program. Good luck to anyone that's still waiting on them
  6. Just received my MTL rejection as well. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Just checked my portal and I was rejected from Criticism and Culture. Good luck to everyone else
  8. I heard in another thread that at least one person was just accepted into MTL today. I didn't get an email or get a status change in my portal though.
  9. I'm waiting as well. It's one of my top programs, but the acceptance rate is so low. Not feeling to optimistic unfortunately.
  10. To my knowledge, it basically means that you're in. Most people that are moved to GAO get an unofficial acceptance a few days/a week after. Congrats! Let us know how it goes.
  11. I am... anxiously lol. I don't think it's looking too good though for people who haven't heard yet though. But I hope I'm wrong.
  12. I heard that a few Mphil Crit & Culture applicants were moved to the next stage on their portal. I'm still stuck on the degree committee stage, but it might be a good idea to check your portals today if you haven't already done so
  13. Personally, I'm just going to take my lack of an interview offer as an implied rejection. Not positive if that's true though.
  14. Another Criticism and Culture applicant, wonderful! I personally didn't reach out to any professors at Cambridge b/c I only applied for the MPhil (although now I'm starting to wonder if that was a mistake on my part). And my research interests involve the literary and theoretical examination of black women and the mental health crisis in American society. What about you?
  15. Nice! I wish you the best of luck We might have awhile to wait, but fingers crossed that we both have favorable results.
  16. Yes congrats to us! I would be thrilled to be accepted into any college at Cambridge to be honest. I was going to pick a top 1 and 2, but I decided that due to funding, it would make it less complicated to just make an open application. And I believe the week of the 17th is what I am expecting as well. Although I'm sure we could here beforehand (or possibly even a bit after 😅). I don't believe that my program conducts any interviews (especially b/c it's an MPhil); but I'm really not too positive about anything at this stage haha.
  17. I applied for an MPhil in Criticism and Culture and I ended up not choosing a college. Yeah it might be less meaningful across departments and universities; but after looking through the Cambridge website, it's a possibility that some people were knocked out at the "review by department" stage. I could be completely wrong though!
  18. Just wanted to make a thread for people applying for an English MPhil or Ph.D. at Cambridge for the Fall. I applied for an MPhil in Criticism and Culture. I'm currently in the "under review by degree committee" phase on the portal. Apparently that's a good sign and my application got through the first stage, but I'm also not sure how positive a sign that is for the English program specifically. Anyone else in a similar boat?
  19. I didn't apply to film/media either, but I did apply to a few African American Studies programs. No acceptances or rejections yet though!
  20. Yeah that scared me too 😓 I got so excited lol Congratulations on your acceptance!
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