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    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Undergrad Institution: Boston University Major(s): BA Neuroscience & Philosophy Minor(s): N/A GPA in Major: 3.91 Overall GPA: 3.75 Position in Class: Top 15%, but probably closer to top 8-10% Type of Student: domestic white female GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 164 (86th) V: 160 (86th) W: 6 (99th) Research Experience: 2 years of research (would have been 3, but I graduated a year early) in an addiction genetics at BU in the pharmacology department (a neuroscience/pharm lab); will receive middle authorship on a paper planning to be submitted to Cell Systems. However, this paper is being submitted around August/September, and will likely still be under review throughout application season. 1 summer as a science intern at a pharmaceutical production plant. 1 year and ongoing (2 years by the time I leave for grad school) as a research technician/lab manager in an autoimmunity lab at a state institution from my home state. The lab is a startup lab, so I was the only employee at first and helped the PI put together the lab from the ground up. I will likely have publications from this stint (first author review, first author coauthor—unfortunately listed 2nd since I’m a tech and the other lab member is a postdoc), but these publications will not be submitted before application season. Will likely present a poster at AIC. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Deans list every semester, magna cum laude graduate, Peter Bertocci Award for Philosophical excellence (this is a BU award given to 1 student a year and chosen by philosophy faculty), and Nu Rho Psi member Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for Introduction to Immunology class, writer/layout designer for a campus neuroscience magazine, coordinator for a BU annual event geared toward teaching the general public, children, and other college students about the brain. Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Lots of extra volunteer work teaching young children about science and socializing and raising funding for high school aged special needs kids. I’m considering getting a certificate in business analytics throughout the year before grad school, but that’s a big maybe. Special Bonus Points: I took graduate level neuroscience classes at BU and got all A’s. One of these classes was a 700-level class with all 3rd year neuro grad students. My PI there was also pretty well known in genetics, but I’m not going into genetics so it’s likely a wash anyway. All 3 letters will likely be very strong, and I know all my recommenders quite well. Applying to Where: all immunology programs with a focus of neuroimmunology Mayo Graduate School – immunology or neurobiology of disease track WUSTL – immunology Baylor College of Medicine – immunology Northwestern University – life sciences/immunology track University of Chicago – immunology University of Iowa – immunology University of Minnesota – immunology I may consider other schools after going to AIC and talking to faculty. They have a great lineup of speakers. I’m also still asking around and getting advice, so we’ll see come September.

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