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  1. To anyone else who comes across this discussion, I just spoke with the School of Information and results will be completed between mid to late May. Until then, stay strong!
  2. First off, I'm super relieved to get actual confirmation that someone else is still waiting for these dang results! Second, I've perused through Grad Cafe's results page and saw some applicants from the fall 2018 semester get confirmation as late as April 24th. So, I guess we could be waiting until the end of the month... But, I hope you were able to get a hold of the iSchool to tell them about your situation! I'm sure you're not the only one by any means who is dealing with deadlines form other programs.
  3. Howdy! I have applied to the University of Texas MSIS (Master of Science in Information Studies) program for fall 2019 and, like many other grad applicants, am still constantly checking my Gmail for admissions results. After a quick email between myself and the School of Information, I've learned that results should hopefully come out TODAY! I'm hoping this will serve as a topic for other UT MSIS applicants to share their results or experiences. So, if you have good news, or even bad for that matter, please share!
  4. I applied to the MSIS program at the University of Texas to pursue a degree concentration in HCI/UX, but I'm still clicking refresh on my inbox for the final decision! Any other UT MSIS applicants out there? And congrats to all that have made it so far!
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