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  1. Raphaellin

    MIT IDM Fall 2019

    Get my rejection and have the exact same message. I am appreciated that they offered me an interview since I only have 3 years working experience. Definitely will apply again in the future.
  2. Raphaellin

    MIT IDM Fall 2019

    The questions they asked were very abstract, open-ended and totally different from the job interview. I was very nervous and did not come up with INTERESTING answers since the entire interview was totally different from what I expected.
  3. Raphaellin

    MIT IDM Fall 2019

    Thank you! I submit my application one day before the deadline.
  4. Raphaellin

    MIT IDM Fall 2019

    Hi I just got the interview invite today and the interview is tmr......Does anyone know the detail or the structure of the interview?
  5. Raphaellin

    Harvard MDE Fall 2019

    I got a chance to connect with a previous applicant. She told me the interview was pretty chill and they just wanted to know more about our background. No intense questions or technical questions were asked.
  6. Raphaellin

    Harvard MDE Fall 2019

    Hey I got the interview request on Thursday. I am an international applicant with a design background. Kind wondering what kind question admission will ask during the interview.

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