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  1. Anyone get off the wait list?
  2. No idea, I'm wondering the same thing but I assume its only a few people in each committee at most.
  3. Anyone from the waitlist been accepted yet?
  4. Mine is a qualitative score out of 6 possible answers for each of the 3 categories (something new they did for chemistry this year) although I have a rank of 68/133
  5. I'm also under the impression only maybe 1 or 2 people in each committee decline their award. Anybody have more info on this?
  6. Wow that's 42.9% ... definitely a much lower cut-off compared to previous years. In chemistry for 2017 it was 46%. I think you are definitely close to the cut-off and should get the award soon. Me on the other hand I think I have a very low chance at 51.1%.
  7. I finally got my letter and was ranked 68 out of 133 (51.1%) for chemistry PGS 3D. I am on the waitlist but feel my chances of getting it are low. Does anyone know the cut off rank this year (i.e. how many people were accepted)?
  8. Haven't received mine either and I'm near Toronto
  9. Did you get a letter in the mail or email notification of getting the PGS D in July? Also was it PGS D3 or PGS D2? I'm not sure if the waitlists for the two are separate or not
  10. For those who are on the waitlist, what is your ranking? I have yet to get mine still.
  11. In previous years how many people on the waitlist usually got accepted?
  12. So how good are chances typically if waitlisted?
  13. Is there any way to find out your rank on the waitlist? Also if someone declines from a different committee does that open up a spot for any waitlisted person or only those in that comittee?
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