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  1. Oh my gosh thanks for the advice! I didn’t think that was even a possibility!
  2. Still haven't heard from two schools and the deadlines to accept offers to my other acceptances are next week! Why !!?!?
  3. Who all is going to the graduate visit day for MICA next week?? I'd love to meet up! Anyone headed there for Rinehart?
  4. I just received an acceptance with tuition remission, but now I’m even more stressed out as this is my second acceptance, (still waiting on two schools, including one of my top choices). I know its been said many times on this forum to not take out debt to get an MFA but I’m sort of leaning towards another program where I got a decent scholarship but the tuition is still fairly high. I believe the other school to be a much more competitive higher ranked school but I’m still so nervous to take out massive loans to fund it. I’m trying to justify the costs to myself with things like: I’ll be in a city where there is more potential for networking, it will look better on my resume, etc. But I still don’t know. Ah! Hoping I make the right choice in the end. How is everyone else coping with funding?
  5. I think it went okay! I didn’t really expect to get an interview there so I was a little nervous 😬 I went in person, tickets were pretty decent and I wanted to check out the school and meet with everyone! Have you heard anything yet??
  6. When did you hear from Georgia? I’m still waiting and I just want some closure 😭 congrats on your acceptance to SMFA!!!
  7. Is there anyone else who hasn’t heard a single thing from a school? I haven’t heard anything from two schools and I’m assuming rejection at this point. Anyone else who hasn’t heard how are you interpreting the lack of news?
  8. Oh my gosh! I’m interviewing with NYU tomorrow! Can you give me any insight on how the interview went/who interviewed you/questions? I’m super nervous about it!
  9. Just answered my own question. Finally got my first acceptance!! So relieved 😅 Hope others are getting the good news too!
  10. Has anyone heard from MICA Rinehart post interview?
  11. Has anyone heard anything from Georgia State?
  12. Yes, in a very similar situation! I've heard back from two schools, one rejection, one interview. Still waiting on five schools (including my top choice). I've seen a couple of posts about other schools I've applied to which has had me worried. My girlfriend has been with me through all of the struggles of applying and now waiting. She is in law enforcement and plans to potentially transfer with me to wherever I end up so it's a huge waiting game for us. I know it's how the whole process works but I wish I would hear something soon! Some days I wake up optimistic and others I just sit and contemplate what I am going to do if this year doesn't pan out for me. On a side note, congrats about your proposal!! That's amazing, this must be a fantastic part of your life! Try not to focus on all the unknowns! I'm sure it will all work out. I've looked at your website a few times lol, I love your work. We'll all get through this! Even if that means applying again next year! Just think of all the possibilities this year could bring for our work!
  13. I did! Have you heard anything yet?
  14. Thanks!! It was for MICA Rinehart School of Sculpture. I think it went okay! It was just one interviewer and she asked mainly about my subject matter and pieces. She asked what I thought my most successful and least successful pieces were. She also asked the standard why do you want to go to grad school, why our school, etc. At the end she asked me what other schools I applied to and what would be the determining factor on my decision of which school I would pick if accepted to multiple programs. I am however beating myself up a little bit about one of my answers. I told myself in the beginning of this process that I was going to be honest, even if the answer wasn't favorable. I was asked to further explain why I want to go to graduate school and part of my response detailed how in undergrad I sequestered myself from my class mates and tended to work from home. I went on to talk about how at this point in my life I really would like to be part of an artist community, and work around my peers in order to grow. I think she might have been disappointed in that response, as I showed her that at times I have been less than outgoing. I'm hoping it doesn't weigh too heavy on the final decision. Other then that I think it went alright, I can't change it now so I guess I will be content about the interview. Good luck to everyone with interviews and those who have already been accepted! This is getting real and is very intimidating but so exciting!
  15. I have my first interview tomorrow morning I'm super freaking out about it
  16. MICA Sculpture sent out interview requests for this and next week
  17. I applied to a few schools with a February 1st deadline. Makes it so much longer to wait ),:
  18. Just got an interview invite for MICA Sculpture!!
  19. Applied, haven't heard anything either D:
  20. Does anyone know if there a way to tell if an .edu looks at your website on Google Analytics??
  21. Finished up all my apps a few days ago! Applied to University of Colorado, University of South Florida, Georgia State, Carnegie Mellon, Herron, NYU and MICA! Taking a mental health break this weekend and going on a road trip to keep myself from crazily staring at Google Analytics and my e-mail! Hope everyone is doing great! Best of luck!!
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