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  1. Hi, just wondering when did you hear back from UNC?
  2. Did anyone apply to UCSB's psychology and brain science and hear back from them???
  3. Does anyone know will pitt(CNUP) send more invitations? Thanks!!!
  4. Hi, I was wondering when did you get the interview invitation form Pitt CNUP and when did you submit your application? Thanks!!!
  5. ssh

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Anyone knows when will UCSB's psychology and brain science send out invitations? Thanks!!!
  6. Anyone knows when will UCSB's psychology&brain science program send out invitations? Thanks!!!!
  7. I've noticed there are two neuroscience PhD programs in UNC: one neuroscience program under BBSP and one behavioral& integrative neuroscience program under Psychology department. It seems like BBSP does not require GRE while integrative neuroscience focuses on drug addiction (I'm super interested in drug addiction research while my GRE score will be a drawback ). Does Anyone know what's the other difference between two programs? Which one is a better choice for international applicants? Thank you very much!

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