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  1. Hey everyone, Anyone out there attending Carleton for their MSW starting in September 2019? Or currently attending Carleton's MSW? Looking to connect with some people, so feel free to DM me! Thanks
  2. Thank you again so much...greatly appreciated! And I am very appreciative of being able to message you....it's a little daunting moving back to Ottawa (I did my undergrad at Ottawa U about 17 years ago) after all these years, and I have no clue about anything around Carleton. Many thanks again!
  3. Holy this was amazing! I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to put this all together! Super helpful and gives me so much information for the best places to be looking for housing. If I have any other questions, I might shoot you a message if that's cool? Thanks again....looking forward to getting to know Ottawa!
  4. I'm declining my offer as I've accepted an offer from Carleton (better location for me and some more funding). Hope that helps!
  5. I've already accepted an offer to Carleton, but I did apply to Ryerson and have not heard anything either. No email and nothing on RAMSS (or whatever it is).
  6. You are quite welcome! And thanks for the encouragement about Carleton! It was a tough decision, but I really do like Ottawa
  7. No problem! Glad to help After MUCH consideration, I decided to go with Carleton. They offered me a great funding package, and while it doesn't have the prestige of U of T, the location and the program structure works better for me. Plus money is kind of a thing for me right now! I'm not entirely sure I made the right decision (lol), but it seemed like a better fit. All the best to you!
  8. U of T wants an answer by March 19th (for me anyway). My letter was dated Feb 19/19 and they want an answer within four weeks of the letter. Hope that helps! Also, I'm turning down my offer there as I've been offered funding elsewhere so there will be a spot open! Best of luck
  9. Me too! I'm hoping to arrive end of August/start of September from the west coast. I did my first undergrad there MANY years ago (graduated in 2001 from UOttawa) and lived in Sandy Hill. It was a fun place to live but lots of partying undergrads (of which I was one haha), so that's really the only area off campus I have limited knowledge of. Plus it was a long time ago! It was close to downtown which was great, and easy for transit. I have no idea where to even begin to look for Carleton! Perhaps we could keep in touch and if we hear of some decent areas/apartments we could pass them on to each other?
  10. I am! I will be attending Carleton for my MSW starting in Fall 2019....I've applied to residence but won't know about that until June...are you attending Ottawa U? I really have no idea where to live!
  11. Thank you! I needed that reminder! Greatly appreciated
  12. Hey Funding difference is about $3000 which is substantial for me! And honestly I had not heard of second-tier schools either until someone on a board somewhere mentioned it, and I started wondering! Carleton is CASWE accredited, and I appreciate you reiterating that for me! And thank you! I was totally shocked to be accepted to a few places as I honestly didn't think I would have much of a decision to make! And yes, our paths may cross...cheers!
  13. I can't thank you enough for all your responses and encouragement! You've helped me with my decision-making process and to feel better about where to go from here. You make excellent points and so correct...the person does indeed make the social worker! Thanks for the reminder and all your responses. Much appreciated
  14. Thank you so much! You just really helped set my mind at ease and I'm grateful. I do worry about where a person gets there MSW having an impact on future job prospects, so I appreciate the thoughts around that. And yes so true about the prospects of placement...that is so important! Again, thank you so much. I've been agonizing over this decision for some time and don't want to make the wrong one....your input has been super helpful!
  15. I do like the way the program is set up...especially having practicum in summer as I will need to work. I'm not excited about profs that are kind of mean lol....however having a core faculty that's chill is important. Thanks for giving me some names of profs to look for...I don't want to sell myself short by accepting at Carleton when other school do have more prestige but the funding is a hard thing to give up....
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