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  1. Hi, Got into the Art History program at City College of New York and see that I have to pass a language exam at some point during my studies. Has anyone here taken the exam? I'd be taking it in Spanish. I can maintain a conversation and am about a fourth grade reading level. I'm not terribly disciplined so I'm considering taking a non-credit Spanish course this summer to prepare. I know one's mileage may vary, but how difficult is it on the whole? Many thanks!
  2. StructureD

    CCNY CUNYFirst Portal Issues

    Thank you for the response. I should have done that sooner. I wasn't cleared until the 7th of this month and this was after multiple phone calls and many minutes at a time on hold for the needed department.
  3. StructureD

    CCNY CUNYFirst Portal Issues

    Hello, I was accepted into CCNY's MA Art History program and have submitted all paperwork and payments. In the registration info email I read that one could claim their CUNYFirst account after the 15th. I keep getting a User Not Found message when I punch in all my information. Is it too soon? Should I wait until Monday or Tuesday to try again? I'm worried that my payment and transcript requests have been lost as I didn't receive an confirmation for either. I have yet to send my immunization paperwork, but that should be in by this week. Should I have received confirmation or other notices regarding everything I've sent in? I admit I'm overeager. I want to know what my financial aid package will be so I can secure additional funds if needed. The classes I want to take already have some filled seats and I don't want to miss out. Many thanks!

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