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  1. I haven't heard anything from Penn State. No interview invite either, though.
  2. School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Concentration: Social Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 1/17/2019 Notified by: Email from application portal followed by email from graduate coordinator I'm shocked and soooo happy.
  3. Would the person who posted their IU Bloomington interview send me your POI? Congrats!
  4. She specifically mentioned that the social program has invited everyone they want to interview with.
  5. I think they are quoting me from the social thread. I emailed the social grad coordinator yesterday and she responded with that. Unless @nboehm reached out on their own, this info is only for social.
  6. To the person who posted their acceptance to University of Minnesota, what area did you apply to?
  7. I emailed UT Austin and they said that faculty are in the process of reviewing files and that I'll be contacted if I am offered an interview. Interviews are held Feb through March.
  8. Emailed UNC Chapel Hill. They've contacted all applicants they're interested in interviewing with.
  9. Sent some emails... Yale sent out their first round of interview invites already but apparently continues on a rolling basis until 2/1. UMich is planning on sending out letters today or Monday.
  10. My top schools (IU and UMN) are taking their sweeeeet time. I'm exhibiting great restraint by not harassing them via email.
  11. Weird, I guess I wasn't invited to that party ?
  12. I should get some of my family members to try teaching me python and MATLAB.. helps to be related to engineers and computer nerds haha
  13. I'm also applying to similar positions as a backup, and I'm in the same boat as you--a lot of them seem to require or strongly recommend having more advanced skills and I have some data analysis experience but nowhere near where they want. I'm just continuing to look around and apply as they come up, regardless of the salary (unless it's unpaid). Cost of living in some places is crazy cheap and I figure I might get lucky. In the meantime I'm trying to brush up on my SPSS and R skills so I can at least say I know it well.
  14. Could the person who posted their interview for the UNC Social Psych program send me their POI?
  15. Heads up, IU - Bloomington starts reviewing applicants after the semester break and sends out offer letters in late Feb/early March. I imagine many other schools are similar, so we can all take a deep breath.
  16. Present. SO got accepted to Penn State for their chemistry PhD program and it's not looking good. PM me if you want to vent.
  17. Still waiting! I ❤️ you for calling though.
  18. If I got a single interview request before Christmas, it would be hands down the greatest present ever.
  19. From previous years, it looks like UMN takes their sweet time. Especially in social.
  20. To the person who posted their acceptance at the University of Minnesota, what program did you get accepted to?
  21. Soooo all the other psych programs are posting results in droves.. only a matter of time for us, right? (Off topic) I just finished my last paper of my bachelor's degree program! Now, beside working full time, I have nothing to do except hold my breath for interviews and IRB approval for an experiment I'm supposed to present at SPSP in two months! Send help.
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