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  1. @aaranda8592 usually means someone was looking at your application but then decided to pick someone else
  2. I dont think so sounds like most people got the same email who dont have a sponsor @ray92
  3. well i've been matched since the beginning im guessing everyone else was on held ><
  4. @ray92 from what I heard on this forum yeah not sure if GEM ever confirmed though. @QuantumFroggy250 were you on held status before?
  5. nope! good reminder tho shoot its march 15th @ray92
  6. @ray92 kind of! well theyre looking for ppl to sponsor and my application is of interest but I didnt apply so...
  7. Nope! some GEM university though that I didnt even apply too though was the closest to news for me
  8. hahah i also went to Columbia for Undergrad! Was accepted to their grad program as well but currently in GEM limbo too with employers so you're not alone
  9. @Manifestin2010 which ivy sponsored you as a university fellow? I heard that one of the ivies I was accepted to doesn't sponsor university fellows though it was an outside source. Thanks for any help!
  10. is the deadline typically Feb 15? Thinking/hopeful we have until March like some other years
  11. @ray92 you said you updated your personal statement after finding an employer? I thought it wasn't possible to update your application after the november deadline, how did you do it?
  12. @thejellybean @ray92 Ah okay thanks!! that's definitely helpful to know
  13. Has anyone who interviewed or been contacted by employers apply to a specific position? I've been on the "matched" status since the day of the email back in November but haven't heard anything or seen any change in the status. In any case I'm a bit confused on the process itself. The employers are suppose to contact us for a position where they see fit based on our resume from GEM right? Is it correct to assume that we aren't "required" to apply to a position at the company in order for that employer to be able to consider our resume through GEM?
  14. @ray92 i first accepted the university and then went to update GEM to self report accepted
  15. @ray92 I just got an email that a decision was posted on the university 's application online platform, which included the letter.
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