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  1. Overall, your profile sounds good and I think you are a solid PhD applicant. However, I would definitely apply to schools that are not as "top tier" just to be safe. All the programs you've listed are fantastic but they are highly competitive programs. I can say that I personally know several people, have seen people on here and heard of others, that only apply to high tiered schools and go 0/10+ on interviews. Why? because hundreds of outstanding applicants apply to these programs and they can only give out so many interviews. But then again, safety schools do not really exist... just maybe s
  2. Oof. Honestly, this is really tough. Was Baylor pushing more towards academia and you wanted to go elsewhere (industry I'm guessing?). Most importantly, were the individuals in the Baylor career center against you pursuing you career path of interest? Personally, I would put more weight on research fit. It would be really difficult for me to do well in a lab/program as a whole if I'm not very interested in the research. So I think you should think about that too for you, as that might put one program over the other. You also have to consider that a better research fit would mean more labs for
  3. In case you haven't made your decision yet.. here are some of my thoughts. I'm not doing MPH but doing biomed PhD 1) Both programs will absolutely challenge you. I don't think you should view one as "easier" since its a similar set up to what you have done as an UG (I'm assuming your honors thesis is an UG thesis). Take the difficulty of the program out of it, it will be challenging but both programs should provide you all the tools you need to be successful. 2) You seem to be pulling apart hairs here, which is totally expected when picking between two really great programs. I was i
  4. I interviewed a month ago and have not heard anything. Although, I did not really like the program and have accepted elsewhere. Hopefully they get back to you soon!
  5. lanaabear

    Atlanta, GA

    Reviving this thread! Recommendations for apartments within walking distance to Emory?
  6. Hmm.. that's so strange. That sounds like a great SOP! It could entirely be possible that schools rejected you because they felt like your research did not fit well with their program? Or the professors you liked were not taking students and no other faculty matched research interests with you? I'm sorry. You sound like an amazing applicant! What programs did you apply for?
  7. Hey there! So rankings are kind of arbitrary. I wouldn't focus on those so much. Your SOP, LOR, and research experience are the most important. Many biomedical and biological sciences programs are phrasing out the GRE. Some put very little emphasis on it while others do not require it to even apply. I would not stress about retaking it. I would look over your SOP and make some adjustments. Your LOR's sound solid and your research experience is definitely there. I would not put a ton of emphasis on your medical diagnosis (hope you are well/okay btw!). I do not think you need to explai
  8. Just got an acceptance email from Emory IMP program! Congrats to anyone else who interviewed w/ IMP/with another Emory GDBBS program and received an acceptance!
  9. I did not hear anything during my interview weekend about a second interview weekend. In fact, when they offered me an interview they only stated their was one weekend. They did mention that they used to do two weekends but since then, they have just done one. So I actually have no idea if they would give you an interview in March. I think perhaps if a good bit of students decline offers they may do more interviews? They were really selective for in person interviews this year, offering about 10-15 less interview spots than in previous years. Good luck! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
  10. Which specific track? I had an interview with their IMP program a week and a half ago. Cancer Bio also interviewed that weekend. Cancer Bio is sending out acceptances and IMP should give out acceptances this week, maybe even today. Emory is very selective in interviews.. so were you waitlisted for an interview or post interview? As far as I am aware, IMP and cancer bio were the last two tracks to interview. So, if you were waitlisted for an interview then I do not believe there are any more interview opportunities. Post interview waitlist, it would entirely depend on how many of their intervie
  11. I had an interview with Emory's IMP program, within their biological and biomedical sciences division. I was contacted early december for an interview that was conducted late Jan. I think it would be safe to assume that if the interview is a few days away, you have not been selected. I'm sorry! I hope your other applications result in interviews.
  12. I sent all my interviews one, the director of recruitment and the program administrator. At min, say thank you to the interviewers.
  13. Yes UNC has already sent out interview invites. I got my interview itinerary just a few hours ago.
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