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  1. I asked the Financial Aid office at HDS a similar question about how financial aid is determined. What they told me was that: "HDS has two aid programs: merit and need-based. Merit aid recipients are selected by the admissions committee on the strength of their application. HDS offers merit to about 20% of the admitted class and those awards include a full tuition scholarship and a stipend ranging from $8,000 to $10,000 to help with living expenses. For students who are not offered merit, we have a need-based program which most of our students qualify for. Need-based scholarships for the 18-19 academic year range from a half-tuition scholarship to a full-tuition scholarship." Not sure if this fully answers your question, but I hope it helps!
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking - I received a good amount as well, but the 48k/year total estimate is a bit daunting.
  3. Curious, for other YDS admits, did you receive your financial aid package yet? 🤔
  4. In the afternoon today, or in the afternoon tomorrow?
  5. Sorry @Plotinus , I meant the personal essay about a problem in ministry, scholarship or the world that you hope to help solve.
  6. @rejectedndejected my GRE scores were reasonably low for the MTS program, 159Verbal, 154Quant, 4.5AW. Not even sure they were above the median, and as for language training, I am an intermediate reader, writer, and speaker for the language I needed for study. Despite this, after looking at HDS sample language exam, I would probably need further schooling. Honestly, I think it was my writing sample, personal statement, and recommendation letters that got me over. I went to a small liberal arts school for undergrad and had very involved mentors who could write strong letters.
  7. Absolutely thrilled - got into the MTS program this morning with full tuition + 8k/year stipend! Never thought I'd make it this far, but it appears GRE scores are not everything!
  8. If I could speak to this @rejectedndejected , I know a couple of people attending HDS and the admissions committee often admits people without any contact with prospective advisors or campus visits. No interviews are given either, so it really seems that it is solely about the strength of the application.
  9. The forum suggested by @TMP is an excellent resource. As for your question about GPA, your grades are typically not more important than your personal statement, writing sample, and letters of recommendation. Truthfully, graduate programs are looking for your ability to thoughtfully engage with your subject's historiography and to convincingly write research papers. An applicant with a 3.5 GPA for example, whose writing sample is compelling and offers a series of prospective research questions built upon that research, is much more likely to get into elite programs than an applicant with a 3.9 GPA, who simply regurgitates preexisting theses and who fails to propose interesting research questions. In short, while GPA is an important factor, I would recommend spend your remaining time in school bolstering your writing sample, building relationships with professors who can speak to your intellect, and coming up with a list of questions you are interested in exploring furthering. 😄
  10. The visit went very well - was floored with the number of resources the university has for graduate students. I definitely plan on accepting the offer once things settle down. Curious, after this taxing application season, how are you feeling about accepting Duke's offer?
  11. Thank you @Karou and congratulations on accepting Duke! 😁 I see you are new to the site - this is the history forum, so you will probably find an answer on the Psychology forum: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/8-psychology/
  12. Similar question to @historygeek - since this is my first application cycle, I'm unfamiliar with how one should let a department know that they are accepting/rejecting an offer. Is there a broader thread that is useful on this subject - the search topic for this particular forum is failing me?
  13. Thank you so much! Curious, are you planning on attending Temple?
  14. After a stressful application season, yesterday I found out I was accepted at UT Austin! As a Latin Americanist, I am ecstatic and just wanted to thank you all for your advice/encouragement throughout the process.
  15. Did you go to UNM for undergrad? I was surprised, I didn't know about Campos; his profile isn't listed under the History faculty.
  16. Just wanted to share that I finally received my first acceptance this morning, to the Master's program at the University of New Mexico! 😁
  17. Congratulations @historygeek ! Funded master's are uncommon so that's awesome! 😃
  18. I feel the same way! So many people on the forum have at least most of their responses in, and here I am anxiously awaiting 5 out of 6. 😱
  19. Thank you for this - hadn't seen the threat yet! 😁
  20. Thank you for this excellent advice - I would not have thought to ask about this! Speaking of which, am visiting Austin this weekend and was wondering if anyone has last minute advice, questions I should ask, etc. Although I've made a running list and browsed the "Interviews and Visits" forum, it'd be good to get a sense of what history applicants have asked during their interviews?
  21. I got the same invitation and thought similarly to you. However, after checking with a friend who is currently attending HDS, it appears that this email is sent to every single person who applied. Wishing you were right though!
  22. Could you provide the link that @telkanuru has referenced?
  23. Thank you for this! So it's safe to assume that if we didn't see an invite for prospective student's day, its probably a no?
  24. Thank you @Karou and will do! Wishing you luck in this later week as well!
  25. Nothing on my end either 😕 Judging from the results page from last year, they used to send out interview invites in late-January/early-February so it might be a no from them. Fingers crossed for all of us though!
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