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  1. Hi. Thanks for your response. I am heavily relying on one strong LOR from Max Planck and my bachelors is from a top IIT (i hope that is somewhat known, obviously still not among the top schools in the world ) with good GPA. Best Wishes ?
  2. Since our applications are getting reviewed and SGS status updated to "under review", I think it a good time start this thread. My worries: I did not mention POI's name in SOP. Mentioned in departmental form though. Shall I not get picked up? When will the decisions start to be dished out? Should I contact my POI? Does it really matter? So, people, share your worries too and if possible answer some of mine.
  3. yep, sorry, messed it up
  4. American but outside America college education. Refer gradcafe results section.
  5. I think they process US residents' applications first. Maybe I am wrong though.
  6. Seems like someone of status "U" got an interview yesterday. Anybody else did?
  7. Computer Science, PhD applicant
  8. Thanks for the reply. Best of Luck ?
  9. Me too. Area of interest BIoinformatics, Data Science, Machine Learning. Is it necessary to contact POI? And when can we expect to hear from them?
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