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  1. Have fun at SLC, @ManderLemon. Refreshingly, the workshop is far more focused on process than on product and at the interview everyone was super laid back and kind. Be prepared for some disorganization, have clothes you can move in and bring your own lunch on Saturday. Nothing to stress about, hope you have a good time!
  2. Hey @deirdrenyc, I know Columbia does not send a lot of info in advance by design. However, some tips I wish someone had told me last year are: 1) They say bring snacks but I recommend planning ahead and/or packing lunch and dinner on Saturday. There were no official breaks just for meals, there was always something additional to work on during breaks. 2) Bring a laptop/electronic device and charger or some books. There’s unstructured time for you to formulate ideas. 3) Sunday is an early morning, so plan your Saturday night accordingly. 4) There is a Q&A session at the end of the weekend first with faculty and then just with students. Hope that helps!
  3. Hey @jujuak, last year Columbia’s Directing Audition invitations went out on December 29th via email, so they may not go out until next week. Congrats on Yale!
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