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  1. Well, that's some unexpectedly bad news ? Is it like this for all groups?
  2. Thanks! Would you mind to tell us the research area you applied for as well?
  3. Have you applied for PhD or MSc? Domestic or international?
  4. What research area are you applying for? I'm applying for ML.
  5. I applied for MSc. However, on the department's website, it's written than you can change supervisor during the studies. Regarding the provisional offer thing, I sincerely don't know. I suppose they'll require that admitted students keep more or less the same GPA they applied with. Btw this (https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/10/world/canada-immigration-trnd/index.html) is a hope for international students ?
  6. I listed all the POIs in my SOP, as well as in the application, also because in my SOP I explained the reasons for my interest in them. Last year's results page shows that the first acceptances went out at the beginning of January, and the last ones in April (if I remember well), thus there is a huge time period during which to be anxious ? The only POI I (kind of) contacted is a professor that explicitly stated to submit a form if interested in being supervised by him, but I haven't heard back from him yet (even though I think he visited my homepage) and I haven't had direct contact, such as an e-mail, with him. I think it is not that necessary to contact them, even because on the department's FAQ it's stated that "Your application will be read by one or more members of our Admissions Committee. The best applications are then sent to faculty members in each applicant's research area(s) for additional comments. Some applicants are contacted for additional information or for a telephone interview." Thus, I think that, if we pass the first screening, our applications will be forwarded to the POIs as well. My biggest worry is that I come from a kind of unknown Engineering School (even though it is one of the top ones in Europe), and I have no clue about my GPA conversion (of course I checked with their tool that is greater than B+, but I don't know how much greater it is). Moreover, I listed my POIs in the form with the format "Prof. Name Surname", and not by surname as stated before. I realized it a week ago, and I hope it won't affect me in any way ?
  7. Another applicant here, in the same mood as you two. However, there is no news on the results page for the program I applied for (CS MSc), thus I'm hoping that no early decisions have been made yet
  8. "Shouldn't the departmental form have status as "complete" ? And why don't you guys come over to the forum instead of spamming the results page. There's a thread for utoronto computer science in the "waiting it out" section." Well, the guy on the results page is right, I didn't see this thread. BTW, on the "View your application" page (in the Departmental Form), on top I have "Application (Complete)", and on the fourth row I have "Application status: In progress". Nonetheless, on the SGS application, the Departmental Form is labeled as "Received".
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