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  1. It is probably late to respond and am sure you have already applied. My personal take is that don't be discouraged. GRE is just one component of your application. Just apply and wait. At least you won't regret not applying. My GRE scores were lower than yours when I took it without any preparation at all. I had to apply to Grad schools to make sure I maintained my F1-visa (international student here). so, I was really running against time. I got into 2/4 of the MA programs I applied too. I was discourage at first but then one of my professors told me just apply and wait for it. If nothing else
  2. Hi! If interested, please share your basic info and the schools you will apply or applied to. I will start: Status: International Undergrad: Political Science - Foreign (GPA: 3.69) Grad: MA in IR and Comparative Politics - U.S. (GPA: 4.0) GRE: V(159) Q(161) AW (4.5). Relevant Experience: Graduate Teaching Assistant (2 yrs), 5 yrs work experience with NGOs and INGOs. Applied to: University of Minnesota - Twin cities, Indianian University-Bloomington, Rochester University, Vanderbilt University
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