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  1. Congrats to whomever posted an acceptance to Rutgers yesterday! Would you mind messaging me your PI?
  2. Sorry, should have been more specific— I was thinking the New Brunswick campus Thanks though!
  3. Does anyone know if Rutgers has extended offers yet?
  4. Hi all, has anyone heard of a committee rescinding an (unofficial) interview offer due to GRE scores? I had a phone interview with one of my PIs about a week ago where he told me he was excited to meet me and to look out for an official invite to the interview weekend, but then he emailed today to say that one of my GRE scores was lower than the school typically likes and that the faculty were debating whether to let me interview. I'm freaking out and feel like they should have caught this in the initial sorting round before making contact with me and getting me excited about the interview (I had even started to make travel plans). Is this something anyone else has experienced?
  5. Really excited about this interview! Sounds like you're going too, so I'll see you there!
  6. Hello! Has anyone heard from McGill, University of Kansas, or Rutgers? (I know it's still a bit early, but just thought I'd check!)
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