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  1. Hey, I would likely take UC Davis predominantly because you can get started right away with the program and not worry about paying anything out of pocket. UC Davis is a good option. However, I completely understand potentially taking the year masters at Chicago/LSE. Honestly, it really depends on how much you care about rankings over just hitting the Ph.D. straight on. Judging by your account name, however, it looks like choosing UC Davis might be a better option. Hope this helps!
  2. UT-Austin (Craig, Theriault, Jessee does a little Congressional work as well though more methods focused) is a good option for Congressional studies at a southern institution, though it's more southwest than deep south.
  3. Thank you so much for your insightful reply! I really appreciate it and will take your advice to heart as I begin my application process in the coming fall. The whole process can be daunting, so it is really nice to hear from others on best practices for setting one's self up to be in the best position possible. Thank you again!
  4. Thanks for your reply! I've thought about retaking for a higher Q score but I haven't decided if it was worth retaking the whole test or not yet. Figured I would just try to ride with my actual math classes and a decent Q score.
  5. My apologies realized I didn't post cycle. Looking at Fall 2020 start, so applying to schools this upcoming Fall.
  6. Hello all, MA (University of Houston) GPA: 4.0. University of Houston GPA: 3.84; Community College GPA: 3.30. GRE: 160Q/164V/AW 4.5. 3+ solid LORs from good faculty on campus. Various levels of publicity in the field. 1 is a Ph.D. alumnus from a school I'm considering. Good personal statement/writing sample. 2 published articles (w/faculty on campus). 3 research presentations (1 national 1 regional 1 at university). 3 years as an RA. Various summer research programs, as well as a Ralph Bunche Scholar (minority summer fellowship at Duke). Math
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