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  1. Hi Goku, have you heard anything from UoT? DDL of other offers are coming and I still got nothing from UoT ever since I got interviewed...
  2. I'm accepted by both programs and I definitely prefer MSR. I think MSR put more weights on research, and more important you will get funding from RI professors. It's also about your research interest. I'm a vision and robotics guy, so MSR is better from me. If you prefer DS, DM or NLP, MCDS might be a good choice.
  3. I think the changes in the Research Area and PoI shouldn't be a big problem. Fact is that my Research Area is always changeable ever since I submitted my MSc application form. And I got an interview yesterday. So be relaxed.
  4. Shouldn't be a big problem if you have strong connections with POIs, e.g they know your recommenders. Honestly, I think GRE is the least important among TOEFL(if needed), LOR, GPA and Research. However, I heard if there are too many applications they may use English score as a filter.
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