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  1. Hi, I just wanted to offer a boost of encouragement as someone who opted for the "try again next time" route during the 2018-2019 admissions cycle. I had an offer from a program that I wasn't 100% sold on in terms of research fit and location, and I turned the offer down, which I found to be a stressful and somewhat scary choice at the time. This cycle, I refined my articulation of my interests, applied to more schools, ended up with 4 great offers, and am sitting here 48 hours before the deadline trying to choose between the two options I've narrowed down to. So, don't be afraid to take that route, especially if the MPH option might set you up with good connections to research opportunities of interest.
  2. I received an email from UNC's Admissions Office this morning, stating that their March 27th Admitted Student's Day will occur virtually. I followed up with the HPM department to ask if the department-specific programming that was also scheduled for that day will also be virtual, but I haven't received a reply yet. I am disappointed since I haven't visited the school yet and as you mentioned in another post was also hoping to do a gut check, but I definitely understand the need to take these precautions.
  3. I've also been told by colleagues and friends that advisor fit is essential. To that end, I was curious if anyone had any thoughts or experience regarding programs that assign you to advisor at the time of admission vs. those that do not/or assign to a general advisor while you get to know faculty in the department/program? Is one approach necessarily better than the other? I can see pros/cons of both.
  4. I applied to their Health Policy/Health Services Research Program and was accepted. Process/Timeline was as follows: I had a phone interview with the POI I mentioned in my statement in mid-January, was accepted about two weeks later (by snail mail), and received funding info (by email) last week. Hope this helps!
  5. Congrats! I was also accepted by phone last night, and they followed up by email this morning with the official letter and funding info.
  6. Has anyone, who applied to any of the Northwestern HSIP tracks and attended an in-person interview, heard anything from the program (admit/reject/waitlist)? I'm considering offers from two other programs and at this point I want to hear something from Northwestern (even if it's bad news) so that I know whether or not to include them as I weigh my options. I checked the application portal and there were no updates there. Thanks!
  7. Ah, sorry to have misread your initial post! Thanks for clarifying school-wide vs. departmental funding. Good luck with both your UNC app. as well as the other programs you applied to!
  8. Congrats on your acceptance to UNC! Is it safe to assume rejection if we applied prior to the December priority deadline and have not been contacted for an interview?
  9. I received an invitation to BU's HSR in-person interview day (Feb 14th) at the end of last week - about a week or so after my phone interview. Hope this helps and good luck!
  10. For anyone that applied to the Michigan HSOP program, I reached out to the program coordinator, who said that the department would begin sharing admissions decisions over the next two weeks. I have no idea if this means that interview requests were already sent out or if they offer admission without an interview in some or all cases? Regardless, I just thought I'd share.
  11. Sure, I'm happy to share some thoughts on the interview process - I am by no means an expert, but I think it can always be helpful to pool knowledge and experience. In terms of framing my advice/thoughts, this is my second application cycle - I previously applied to 3 health behavior-type programs and received 1 offer, 1 waitlist/rejection, and 1 rejection. I wasn't 100% sold on the program at which I received an offer in terms of fit and I declined the offer. After some discernment and seeking guidance from colleagues, I realized my research interests were more aligned with health services/health policy so those are the types of programs that I applied to this round. In terms of interview tips, I think it's important to be able to be able to tell a compelling story, using examples from your educational and professional endeavors to date, that illustrates what led you to apply to that particular program and why you are a good fit. For example - given my coursework/internship/etc in [x] during my master's program as well as my work/research experience in [y], my interests and experience make me a good fit given the program's emphasis on [z]. Also, I think once of the most challenging parts of this process is to demonstrate in the SOP that your research area of interest is defined enough that you have a focus/direction, but is also not too niche such that you might not be good fit for a program. In my experience, at the interview phase, interviewers may ask something along the lines of, In your SOP, you stated your interests were [A], walk me through what study in this area might look like. In terms of questions that I like to ask of interviewers, the opportunity to enhance and refine methodological skills is something that I'm really looking for in a program so I often ask about the overarching methodological focus (mixed methods vs strictly quant/qual) to learn more about how they frame that aspect of the program. Also, it seems like some programs are moving away from the traditional format of qualifying exams and moving towards a more skills-based format (developing a mock grant proposal, conducting a systematic review) - I often ask about the format of the qualifying exams - mostly out of curiosity, this would;t make or break my decision to attend a program.
  12. I've been silently tracking the posts in this topic - I'm applying to Health Policy/Health Services Research programs. I appreciate the update about UNC HPM as I was curious about their timeline. Does anyone have any update/has anyone heard anything from Yale Health Policy and Management or Michigan Health Services Organization and Policy (HSOP)? I saw a post on the results page for a Michigan Health Policy interview request received December 21st, but no other posts - interviews, rejections, or otherwise. Additionally, I've seen some rumblings in this topic about Brown's HSR program. Can someone confirm that the interview day for that program is January 24th? (I haven't heard from them, and I want to confirm I can cut my losses on that application). I think most of the places that I have heard from are already accounted for by others in posts here or on the results page: I received a phone interview with Boston University's HSR program and an in-person interview with Northwestern's HSIP program (Health Services track). Good luck to you all on interviews, the waiting game, etc! I for one appreciate everyone's willingness to share updates as it makes the waiting game a bit more bearable.
  13. I also applied to BCHS and have not heard anything other than a confirmation that my application was received by Pitt and sent to the department. I spoke to a POI and current student back in the fall, and both indicated that interviews typically take place in early-mid February.
  14. Did anyone apply to any of the tracks within Northwestern's Health Sciences Integrated PhD program and receive any information about interviews yet?
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