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  1. I would like to start with my profile: GPA: 4.00 (undergrad); 3.67 (MS) GRE: 330 (163/167/5.0) V/Q/AWA Pubs: 6 in total; 1 in a leading IEEE conference proceedings; 3 as first author; 1 in a Biomedical Device company’s S&T conference; Prominent mention in an IEEE project report Experience: 3 internships in total (1 industry, 2 research) 1 in an INRIA/CNRS research lab in South France. 3 years of full time experience in a technology development team at a leading semiconductor manufacturer. Applied to: Stanford, MIT, UCB, Harvard, GaTech, U Michigan, UT Au
  2. Hi Y'all Looking at the lack of dedicated threads for EE/ECE and Computer Engineering students/prospective-grads to share their admits/applications/interviews information, I wanted to create a separate topic for it in which all of us prospective grad students can contribute, share our admit/interview experiences for the benefit of all. This would get a dialogue started where hopefully all of us can learn and contribute something.
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