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  1. Just rejected from CMU! Knew it was coming just wanted it officially. Looks like UIC is it! Who else is heading to UIC?
  2. Emailed the dgs at CMU asking for an update - will post when they get back. Hope everyone is almost done with this!
  3. Still holding out for CMU. I feel like a broken record, but has anyone heard anything yet?
  4. Seems like they went through their first round applicants and now that some of them weren't accepted or didn't accept their offers they are interviewing you. Congrats!
  5. New media but I heard back at the end of January.
  6. Any other accepted UIC applicants going to the MFA show / accepted student night this Friday?
  7. Any news from CMU for anyone? Was never interviewed, but hoping for some finality.
  8. I read this on the reddit /r/gradadmissions sub and it really helped my perspective - from the chair of an admissions committee
  9. Rejected this morning via email to decision letter on portal for UCLA DMA. Still nothing from CMU but expecting another rejection. Good luck to all those admitted!
  10. This is precisely what I have heard repeatedly (often from people who did take out tons of loans). MFAs have a high philosophical/personal/societal ROI but not a high financial ROI (typically). My goal was to put myself in a position to have a better practice and possibly teach without worrying about a mountain of debt I'll never pay off.
  11. I'm guessing if I haven't been a part of these successive waves of rejections or acceptances from UCLA DMA or CMU that I'm probably on a waitlist? Hoping something happens tomorrow but I really can't be sure. Even a rejection would let me make a decision with the offer I have, but still holding out so I can make a fully informed choice...
  12. I also haven't heard from CMU - although it looked like a lot of people were rejected right off the bat back in early February. Not sure if there's any possibility left, but I'm assuming rejection too at this point.
  13. It was from another school. Did they say anything about upcoming details/further information relating to your offer, including a formal offer letter? I might send an email thanking them for the acceptance and asking about next steps and they can tell you if you should expect any information about funding, deadlines, etc.
  14. My funding package took about three weeks to get to me after I was accepted - you might ask what funding is available. They know that this is a question you will ask and negotiate on.
  15. Has anyone heard anything from UCLA's Design Media Arts program? Waiting on that one and CMU. Nary a peep, but I've waited this long I can keep going.
  16. For anyone who hasn't heard a rejection or interview invitation from CMU, the graduate coordinator replied to me this morning saying that they will not have a final list until late March. So, keep hanging in there.
  17. I also got out of finance and went back to finish my undergrad at 29. Just about to turn 31 and got into an MFA program and waiting on two more. Your 30s are the PERFECT time to go back to school, and tbh your age and world experience are a competitive advantage when it comes to grad programs.
  18. Anyone hearing anything from UCLA yet?
  19. Well, an account from UCLA liked a photo of mine on Instagram and this is where my excitement and anxiety start to run wild.
  20. Worries: First application cycle and I applied to the two most competitive schools in my field, and I was naive enough to think I might get in, in addition to a safer bet but also a more rigorous program. I visited the top one earlier in January for app research and it definitely put stars in my eyes, hoping now that I'll get in to work with some really fascinating artists who I align with really closely, but if I don't get an interview I feel like I definitely will be somewhat crushed at least for a while. Excitement: I got into the safer bet and am excited to go there even if I don't get in anywhere else, and I'm excited that my life is about to go through a significant and much longed for change. Overall, I think I am mostly hoping for this process to be over sooner rather than later. This is my first time going through this and I really don't understand how people can do this multiple years in row. It is emotionally exhausting. So exciting and ultimately maybe one of the most important things we will do for our careers, but definitely draining - and I'm terrible at compartmentalizing.
  21. This is my first time through this process - what should I take it to mean if others are receiving rejections and interviews from a school but I've heard neither? Just heading to the next round if they don't find who theyre looking for in an interview? Or is silence as good as a rejection?
  22. Good luck! Let us know how it goes! CMU was my long shot app - was really interested in working with Golan Levin - if you talk to him be sure to let me fanboy on the experience.
  23. Congrats! I'm still holding out some hope I'll get an interview with CMU - did you just get it today?
  24. How are my fellow midwesterners doing today? I've just been replacing frostbite anxiety with grad school anxiety. Anyone else?
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