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  1. Congrats! Which program at Syracuse did you get accepted into?
  2. I was just about to post the same thing. I got a 60% scholarship too — congrats!!!! I’m still deciding between this and RISD. They’re very different programs, but I’m leaning towards RISD right now.
  3. How was your interview? Did they tell you when we’d hear back?
  4. Good luck! I just interviewed with Prof. Cooper. It’s a relaxed interview and the program is amazing 🙂
  5. Ahhhh wow exciting!! I included you in a private group message, so we can all connect before school starts 😆
  6. Nope... kinda disappointed that I wasn’t offered any funding. Did you?
  7. I got accepted to VCU for Photo + Film on Monday. Also got got an interview request for San Fran State for Cinema (was told I’m a finalist, but before they can issue an acceptance letter, an interview is required). Still waiting on Syracuse University for Art Video. Buttttt I visited RISD today and might just accept their offer!!!!!
  8. I visited today!!!!! It’s awesome here (I can break it down in more descriptive words later when I’m home) plus the funding they’re providing helps so much. Did you officially give your response?
  9. Have any of you visited campus yet?
  10. Lol yours is my favorite 😂 a short scream of frustration
  11. I asked weeks ago when we’ll be notified and I was told early March 🙄 (which is now....) so hopefully this isn’t bad news. Do you know if they do interviews?
  12. Has anyone heard from Syracuse University (MFA in Art Video)?
  13. Did really well for my VCU Photography & Film interview with the grad director! It ended up being 1.5 hours and I only spoke on two pieces. Conversation was super casual and relaxed.
  14. I didn’t receive anything in the mail, but I did get an official letter and financial package online yesterday
  15. I was told it would take a week or so to arrive. Today is officially a full week since the email, so I’m not worried. Where’d you get a tracking number from?
  16. Ditto, just heard back at 9:30 AM. Interviews for VCU Photography are from tomorrow to 3/5. By the way congrats on getting an interview
  17. @sparky7184 I’m a domestic student. Did you reach out to the D+M department specifically or RISD admissions? Nothing is final yet because my email said to respond by mid-March to open slots up for other students. There’s still hope best thing to do is reach out the the specific department and wait it out.
  18. @Sophie K @Bol Are you worried about funding at all? I'm hoping the official letter gives me more options financially. I'm speaking with students for more information, but just wondering -- is the bulk of your work or what you envision your future work conceptual? The student work I've seen is a lot more conceptual than anything I've done. But the course descriptions sound so freaking perfect, so I'm just a bit torn.
  19. Yesssss! I don’t hear back from two of my programs until late March to early April, so I’m concerned about the “reply by March 20” deadline 🤔 Did you get any financial aid info in the email? Mine said to wait for a letter...really hoping for some aid!
  20. I got an email letting me know I’ve been accepted! Hope everyone else hears back too!
  21. Just got an email a minute ago — I got into the D+M program!
  22. I haven’t heard back either, but the day’s not over
  23. That’s good to know, thanks for the info!
  24. That makes me really happy to hear. I applied with the Transmedia Department and heard similar praise from one of my teachers whose an alum. I know RISD let’s you teach your own class of your design too. Makes me nervous, but then again, it’s a valuable experience! How did you like the Syracuse area?
  25. I emailed the Transmedia Department and was told that notifications are sent out in early-March. Fingers crossed!
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