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  1. "they sent out the first round funding offer last week" - I got this info from the gradcafe result page and my friend who got the U of T offer "they have two weeks to recline/accept" - I got this info from my friend's this-year offer letter and previous personal offer info "U of T will decide ... response." - I got his info from the gradcafe thread and previous communication with UofT regarding the offer of previous year Hope it helps.
  2. No, that does not mean a refusal. They sent out the first round funding offer last week and they have two weeks to recline/accept. U of T will decide their second batch based on first-round response.
  3. Their first round of offers is already out. And I think their decision on the second batch is based on first round's response (decline or accept). But it is always no harm to ask them.
  4. Don't know if it helps but people need to respond to their Ph.D. offer by March 15. You may want to send them an email directly. They are very nice.
  5. Not me, but I know one international applicant (HK, but did his MA in Canada) got offer from U of T.
  6. I am sorry but I do not know when UBC will release their MA decisions. What I do know is that they sometimes transfer some of their Ph.D. applicants to their MA programs. It is the same for U of T. For U of T, there is a clear option asking applicants if they want to transfer their Ph.D. files to MA if they fail the Ph.D. admission. Therefore, my idea is that both UBC and U of T will send out their MA offers after the Ph.D. cycle, probably mid-late March (this is my own assumption).
  7. Yes, U of T does have quotas for international students. I have heard this from many students, and I have confirmed this with two professors. However, it is not school policy, it is a provincial regulation. There is nothing U of T can do with it (unless the school is able to secure some other sources of funding). Ontario is one of a few provinces that impose a hard cap on the number of international graduate students and the schools have to fight for each spot of a limited quota. Nevertheless, as a student, I do not know how many quotas they reserve for international students. You may want to
  8. @Dwar About ranking: Unlike the US, Canada does not have R1/R2 distinction. And as far as I know, there is no official or systematic ranking to compare between US and Canadian schools. However, this polisci rumors (please take this website with a grain of salt) thread may give you some idea: https://www.poliscirumors.com/topic/canadian-depts In a nutshell, it seems U of T is around Top 20-30 programs in the US, and UBC/McGill is around Top 25-35. However, I would like to argue that this comparison favors US schools: it is a reflection of US-centric in a way that it emphasizes the US place
  9. UBC: 1. How does it work? - the procedure is exactly the same as domestic Canadian students 2. Funding? - yes, they do fund foreign students and there is no difference between domestic and international students. In the past, people may receive different funding package because their supervisor may have additional sources. But as far as I know, all students now have the same funding package (you may get more if you receive some UBC scholarship). 3. Visa? - it will not affect your student visa process. You will be fine. I have never heard anyone who got rejected.
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