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  1. First of all congratulations for Cornell. (Hope to meet up at some conference ) Ya GradCafe was affecting my sanity too So I got a Reject in early March and an official wait-list in Mid Feb. But post that it was all quite till 13 April and rejects came in but not all. UIUC and UMass were still left and I assumed it was a reject from their end and they were just being lazy. But I got a mail from UMass on 26th that they would like to talk to me on 29th. The talk was a full-fledged interview with a panel of 5 faculty (And was grilled a lot for not having an MBA ), got an offer in a few hours and I accepted it. So I haven't received an official rejects from Georgia ( but the faculty informed me that two top choices accepted the offer ) and UIUC informed me (first week of April) that they would send rejection mail by 15th (Still waiting for it ) Hope everyone ends up happy after their roller coaster ride. And If people are still following this thread would love to hear from others too
  2. Gradcagedzh so how are things at your end? any news?
  3. Waitlisted PhD Strategic management at University of Georgia notified in feb
  4. The group has gone a bit too silent. So Guys any updates? I haven't heard back from any program since my reject from UMD.
  5. What's your update? UIUC and UNC have also invited students on campus this week. No word from Purdue, UMass Amherst and Syracuse
  6. Yup and I was rejected. Working under Rajshree Agarwal would have been like dream come true. Tough Luck. I am just curious about the profile of people who got accepted. But people applying in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship aren't that active on forums 😕 , except late bloomer. PS : I don't know why my signature isn't updating 0a/1w/1r/5p
  7. hey how are things at your end? Inactivity in the group is scary.
  8. I had a word at UGA waiting list 3. Maryland mailed that they would give notification on status in first week of March. Else it's all silent. What about things at your end?
  9. A friend of mine was admitted without visit day/ on campus interview but that's usually the case with us International Candidates for Domestic Candidates schools prefer us to visit them and that too way before the 15 April Deadline.
  10. You have applied for which program at University of Georgia ?
  11. I got a mail stating that their goal is to have some notification sent out by the first week of March. So where all have you applied ?
  12. In the end, only one accept matters. Till then the other accepts just gives the confidence to face the wait. All the best for the one you are looking for.
  13. Congrats on your two accept as far as I remember you only applied to the top B-School. So your anxiety and time on Grad cafe would have reduced considerably. All the best for the remaining three.
  14. I don't know about other schools but I Got a mail from Terry-UGA stating that I am waitlisted and they are conducting the interview for the shortlisted candidates. And a friend of mine (2016) was informed by Rutgers in the first week of April that she was waitlisted and interview can occur by 15th. So where all have you applied and reply ? Mine 0a/1w/0r/5p
  15. Hey Giving update from my end. So I have GRE (168 Quant 156 Verbal) TOEFL 106. And have a master in science followed by 5 yrs of Start-Up experience (Co-Founded). I have applied to seven Schools for PhD in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship UIUC - Gies UNC University of Georgia - Terry Purdue Maryland UMass Amherst Syracuse Haven't received any rejects yet. But have been waitlisted by Terry. what about you?
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