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  1. CMES has a great program and half-tuition is pretty amazing! (I think that's the highest amount of funding one can possibly get). Any word in CUA funding?
  2. I did reach out but I wonder how much effect that has on my chances of being admitted. Obviously I hope it has a lot but I imagine a lot of waitlisted people ask professors (at a steady pace lest they come across as annoying) or hint that they are still interested with silly questions they don't really need to ask in the first place. Do all waitlists have a ranking system? I wonder if it's too forward to ask where I am on that ranking....
  3. The difficult in predicting is also something highlighted to me by both schools. If on the results page I see an individual being admitted to a program in mid-Feb and another being admitted in mid-to-late March, I assume the latter came off the waitlist....but,at least for these departments, most people don't usually designate whether their late admission is in fact due to having been waitlisted.
  4. No luck on my end getting off any waitlists just yet (though I'm NES (Cornell)/NELC (Yale), I imagine many applicants here also applied to programs in Near Eastern Studies). I imagine most people have heard back from their programs by now and have maybe even checked out potential universities; I wonder, then, what the average date is by when they accept/decline and help us waitlisters move up a rung or two on this most slippery of ladders!
  5. Congrats on Brown! I have heard that students who apply to PhD programs from undergrad in fields like Physics tend to get accepted at a much higher rate than for something like Islamic Studies (though it varies in the humanities). But of course, it's not unheard of. I think rec letters, quality of a writing sample, and overall maturity are better attested for students coming from an MA program. I have also heard that an MA from Chicago (CMES), Austin, and NYU have pretty good placement rates for students who apply to PhD programs after. (this is just based on a survey I myself did)
  6. Looks like is an individual accepted into Harvard NELC....hopefully people can start to make application decisions soon so waitlists open up! Desperately hoping a Cornell or Yale applicant declines an offer soon. In any case, many congratulations to all those who were admitted during this very exhausting cycle
  7. Does anyone have any idea about the likelihood of getting off a wait-list and admitted, especially at schools like Harvard, Yale, Cornell etc? (I have not been added to all the wait-lists btw, just asking because I am curious).
  8. I am waitlisted at Cornell. The wait continues and I must fight the urge to constantly refresh my email!
  9. Keep your head up! It's such a stressful time (I don't think I've ever obsessively refreshed my email this much in my life!). I also think it has been a particularly competitive year and there are some things- like a close, personal relationship with a potential advisor- that some simply cannot compete with. All the best!
  10. Thank you. I had heard that there were interviews being conducted but perhaps I heard wrong!
  11. Congrats! Was there an interview at all? If so, how soon after it were you notified? (I ask only because if interview invites went out a long time ago then I am likely rejected!)
  12. Has anyone heard back from Cornell or Yale? I know a poster got admitted (congrats!) to Cornell but I see nothing on Yale
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