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  1. Wondering if the "rejections coming out shortly" also applies to Harvard PEG? I'm pretty sure I've been implicitly rejected but haven't heard a peep.
  2. No, that was not the sender of the email.
  3. I can claim one of the Columbia acceptances on the results page. Like sandmoon, I was the recipient of the email and the chair of the admissions committee was CC'd.
  4. I would be doing PE, I think (though things are naturally still a bit up in the air at the moment). Polisci over econ because of the research questions which interest me. Also find econ to be a bit constricting in terms of methods and frameworks.
  5. I cannot lay honest claim to having stellar grades in my math coursework, but I did take real analysis and some statistics classes.
  6. Hi fellow discipline-straddler, I applied to Caltech SS and got the official decision (acceptance) on February 11. There have been some more informal communications (visit day info and such) in the days since.
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