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  1. I have two straight semesters of unexplained W's (and a couple W's the following year) and I still got in.
  2. For what it's worth, I got into a quantitative top-20 department with 162V (90th), 156Q (74th), AW 4.5. So, I think you are in good shape with your score, and if you can improve it, that's even better. GRE got me in the door, but I think my statement of purpose is what got me the acceptances.
  3. Getting a B in your undergrad is not going to do a damn thing. I think a "pass" looks worse on your transcript, since it's generally a C or above.
  4. I recently graduated from an environmental studies MS program. People had backgrounds in biology, engineering, environmental science, history, sociology, psychology, etc. You have to decide what realm your research will fall within (biology, political science, history), and you have to find an angle to observe a certain type of environmental problem. My background was geography/environmental science and my MS thesis was grounded in political science, so you don't have to stick with your undergrad focus. If you want to stick with marketing, I'm assuming you'll be going the route of marketing sustainable goods and how to achieve specific environmental goals through marketing. But I don't know much about that world As long as you complete some prerequisite coursework and hammer out a good statement of purpose, I think you will easily get into a master's program.
  5. It really depends on the range of schools you're applying to. A top 20 American program took me with scores slightly worse than those!
  6. I got a 640V/720Q and still got into a top 20 program (American), so there is hope
  7. I recently came across this Chronicle article on average faculty salaries across universities, using recent AAUP survey data. http://chronicle.com...ble-2012/131433 These numbers are higher than I expected. I was under the impression that a first-year assistant professor position would start in the $50k range at an average university. Are these salaries skewed by the money-making STEM faculty? Where does political science fall within this range? Edit: Fixed link
  8. I think you will get an e-mail from grad studies saying that a decision will be available on X date, so it's unlikely you'll find anything updated before that. My guess is that Davis is waiting to hear back from their initial acceptances before they admit their unofficial waitlist applicants. Best of luck to you
  9. Yep. My flight lands at 11:20 AM and my first meeting is at 1:30 PM. See you there?
  10. Perhaps people do not wish to divulge their web dorkery in person.
  11. I came here to ask this question as well.
  12. UC Davis - March 7-9 CU-Boulder - March 1-3
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