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  1. I heard from NYU around the end of March...I still haven't decided so it's probably me holding them up on reaching out to other candidates! [yikes emoji]
  2. How is everyone making decisions about $$$?? I got in to NYU & Goldsmiths, but even though NYU has funding for everyone, it's really not enough, and Goldsmiths doesn't have any funding at all for international students. My advisors from undergrad are both telling me to just do it, basically, but everyone else seems much more hesitant, and I'm looking at something like 80k - 100k worth of debt. That seems totally crazy, and I don't know if I should accept one of these offers, apply for external funding, and hope for the best, or if I should just reapply in the future and do better research
  3. Anyone heard anything from NYU? I think they said we’d hear sometime this week when I interviewed 😬😬😬
  4. Also waiting on CMU. I emailed a couple weeks ago & they (took 5 days to get back to me and) said they are “very much still in the process of making their decisions” 🙄😬🙄😬
  5. Oh no, sorry I never saw this tee_lemon!! I hope it went okay!!! Did you interview in person?? how did it go??
  6. Anyone else interview with NYU last week (or interviewing soon)? When they emailed me to set up an interview time, they gave me two possible dates (Tuesday or Thursday of last week), so I assumed they were doing all interviews on those days; however, when I spoke to them, they told me they had two more weeks of interviews to go, and were interviewing around 45 people in total...[yikes emoji]. Anyway, in case this info is helpful to anyone, I had a skype interview with Goldsmiths last week, thought it went horribly, and then got an email acceptance less than an hour later! (So, I'm guessing
  7. Heck, I interviewed with VCU painting and haven't heard anything yet. I didn't know they'd started sending out results yet.
  8. Hi all, first time posting -- wish I had discovered these forums before I started applying lol! Anyone know how to interpret it if you've heard nothing from a school, but know that both rejections and interview invites have been out for a while (for some applicants, anyhow)? Is there a chance that they're holding onto my name in case their first-choice applicants don't enroll when they're offered spots in the program?
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