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  1. Thank you so much! I will also focus on some 10-20 schools. I am retaking GRE too. Thank you for your valuable suggestions!
  2. Thanks for the reply! sorry I didn't write clearly. It's 160v 168q, and English is not my native tongue. Agree that the adproc is messy esecially in these two years..
  3. Greetings! long story short: undergrad: a Mexican top 5 uni, bio-computing, 3.5, minor economics 4.0 masters: 1st: a top 50 US computer science, 3.9; 2nd: a top 20 US political science, 3.8 - worked in two notable US tech companies for 10 years, then decided to take my 2nd master. areas: IR, IPE, CPE gre: 160, 168, 4.5 research: - worked as full time RA for 3 projects for my 2nd master prof, a notable IR/PE scholar. - working with a Stanford notable IR/PE prof toward a formal publication (I will be the first author since it's my project,
  4. Hi, what about I am not dropping, but instead not finshing it by summer. this is because my MA is designed to be finished in 4 terms (including summer), a small portion can finish within one year which means they need to spend tremendous amount of time, which i dont want to. Therefore if i send them the transcript in the summer, there wont be any withdrawal, but definitely the degree wont be finished.
  5. Thanks, what if the PHD offer has not mentioned any prerequisite, and also do you think sending transcripts before enrollment is just a process to verify previous materials are correct, nothing more meaningful? since the decision is done.
  6. Hello everyone, I have completed an MPA degree in Canada, and will be doing a MA in political science this fall. However I am planning to apply to US PHD program in politics this Dec. I wonder if I hear back from the admision say in Feb, can I choose to drop my MA right away? will PHD programe need me to finish this MA? Please advise.
  7. After days of research, I found gspia is really worth it- less than half of the price of Munk, research oriented, federal govt coop, overseas exchange, generous scholarship, French, etc btw, the best schools in IR in Canada according to a professional survey among Canadians IR experts is: Npsia munk Gpsia
  8. Does anyone know where students usually go for coop in gspia and the percentage?
  9. Got a letter from Ottawa school of social science and I was granted a merit scholarship of 11k, plus gspia 12k, I guess I have to accept gspia. Good luck to all! And start to learn French abc...
  10. Finally, the survey asked Canada’s IR scholars to rank the top three think tanks in Canada. They were not prompted by definitions or specifications of think tanks. The Frasier Institute was mentioned more than twice as much in 2018 as it was in 2014, as was the C.D. Howe Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The Canadian Global Affairs Institute was mentioned about as frequently as last time (despite changing its name from the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute). The Centre for
  11. Canada’s IR scholars were asked which three doctoral programs in Canada they would recommend for an academic career either in political science or international relations: The big three remain quite dominant, each listed at a far greater rate than the others. These three programs are generally the most “American” in terms of outlooks, methodology and past hiring practices — more quantitative, less focused on “critical” security studies, and more willing to hire Americans. The rest were mentioned by four percen
  12. I applied for Carleton mppa as well, but no status change, guess I am not In the first roll
  13. Btw gspia really has lots of opportunities including coop, research, embassy, exchanges overseas, summer field work etc
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