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  1. Thanks. I ordered the official e-transcript and sent it to the school. Sadly I missed my prior consideration but, they'll still consider me as a regular admission applicant. We'll see...
  2. Also, does anyone know anything about WSU?? I actually received a financial aid award (although they were the loan offers) from WSU a few weeks ago. I guess they are still reviewing the candidates as I see from what it shows "under review" from my profile. Does this indicate anything? Something positive? or is it just a meaningless financial award letter? BTW, I applied to MFA Arts program.
  3. Thanks!! I did send them ASAP tonight as soon as I got the email. I hope I still have a chance. I am not a international student. I'm a domestic. Thanks a lot for the reply!!
  4. Hello someone please help me. So, I've applied to FIT MFA Illustration for this Fall 2019 as a priority and full fellowship candidate. Okay I know that I made a stupid mistake for not paying attention to "must send them an official transcript" but other than that, I completed everything. I just received email (I emailed them first asking about my status) and the office said that I never sent them the transcript. But why did they never notify me earlier? I know that I still will be considered as a general admission but, will my mistake ever hurt my status of application? Or does anyone know if there's any way I can change this stupid mistake? I mean, I finished everything by the right time as a prior candidate except this one stupid mistake. Does anyone know anything? Any tip?
  5. Does anyone know anything about SVA Computer Arts, FIT Illustration and Pratt Digital Arts??? The only thing I got back from the admission office is that they'll notify the final result on or before April 1st. Not sure about Pratt tho... Does anyone ever know about Pratt Digital Arts program?? (I know they don't conduct interview)
  6. @rosch I emailed to general grad admission office but I specifically asked about DM program tho. Well, I just gotta wait for it unril mid March for the final result. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hello, I also applied to RISD DM program. Are tou guys (whoever had the interviews) i ternational students or domestic? Cuz, I emailed to RISD admission office if the program conducts the i terview. And they replied they only do it to check the englih proficiency(?) I'm very confused. So, therr are people who already got accepted?
  8. Hi, did you get accepted from RISD Digital+Media profram already?
  9. I find that most of you here are fine art students? Like, sculpture and painting. I think I'm the only one from illustration major and trying to transition to slightly different major? I actually had an i terview on Monday with MICA Illustration Practice. It was about 25min long interview. I seriously don't know how I did it. I was too nervous and honestly did not look intelligent as I was speaking. I was lost as I was speaking for a few of my artworks. I don't know how selective and hard it it to get in MFA program, especially when you are trying to get in to the exact same major. I studied Illustration in BFA at Parsons. The schools I applied are illustration, fine art and digital arts. I'm just really insecured and anxious now. So far I got rejected from two out of nine I applied. Is anyone as anxious as I am?
  10. Hi all, I wonder if anyone knows anything about RISD MFA Digital and Media program. I, so far, have applied to the schools: Yale, Columbia, WSU, Pratt, SVA, FIT, MICA, SAIC I got rejected from Yale and SAIC already, interviewed with MICA via Skype, and am still waiting for the interview from RISD and Columbia. I wonder if anyone knows if RISD-Digital and Media program and Columbia-Visual Arts program conduct interview as a part of their review. Does anyone know about these schools that require interview? Thanks
  11. Hello people, I know it's kind of late to start a thread now after all the applications over for this Fall 2019. I just wanted to hear some feedbacks from people who already went through this process, or from people who are going through this process (like me). I have a degree in BFA Illustration, and I graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC last year 2018 May. The schools I've applied are: SVA- Computer Arts Pratt- Digital Arts MICA-Illustration Practice [had an interview] FIT-Illustration Washington State University- Fine Arts RISD- Digital+Media Yale- Painting [rejected] SAIC- Communication Art [rejected] Columbia- Visual Arts I recently got rejected from SAIC and Yale, and I just had a Skye interview from MICA but, I don't think I excelled at the interview. I was nervous. If you guys are also in a status of waiting and getting rejection letters like me, how are you guys doing? And, I have a weird question. Does receiving the catalog from school mean anything? I've got a catalog from SAIC then I got a rejection letter a month later. From MICA, where I got the interview invitation, I didn't receive any catalog. And today, I received a catalog from Pratt. I know that it should mean nothing but, it just makes me anxious. Does anyone know?
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