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  1. Accepted to the Art Video program at Syracuse with a 60% scholarship! Pretty sure I’m gonna accept this offer
  2. I thought it went really well! Was told I should hear this week.
  3. Accepted to Parsons MFA Fine Arts!
  4. I interviewed with them then!
  5. Interviewing with Syracuse art video this weekend!
  6. Still haven’t heard from parson’s fine arts mfa or Tyler’s sculpture department... think I’m officially starting to lose it 😪
  7. Interviewed with parsons last month; trying to refresh the admissions hub right now and it’s not working.... haven’t gotten email yet either so fingers crossed !!!
  8. To my knowledge I haven’t heard of them interviewing people; I also got an email saying early March too
  9. Nope still waiting to hear from this program as well.
  10. Hey I’m still waiting to hear from sculpture as well... they said 2-3 weeks since I interviewed with them and this is the third week 🤞
  11. Anyone heard from Alfred? Just decided to apply to Pratt on the last day of their deadline too... lord
  12. I interviewed with sculpture on Sunday! They let me know by email about two weeks before.
  13. Also applied to their Art Video program and am waiting to hear anything 😪
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