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  1. Cville has felt safer for me than many places I have been, although I'm white so I probably can feel safer because of that. I've also been making due without a car for anyone's who's interested. Public transport is pretty bad and the hills can be intense, but between walking and biking I can do what I need to do. No weekend hiking trips but who's got time for that. In terms of neighborhoods, the ones closest to grounds (Along Jefferson Park Avenue, or JPA) and just north of grounds (South of Grady) tend to be full of undergrads. Grady in particular is frat row. Fifeville is full of a lot of grads/med students/young professionals, and it's not a horrible walk (~30 mins depending) to grounds. 10th & Paige (South of Preston, North of Main, East of Grady near Venable) has fewer undergrads and is a shorter walk (~20 mins) while also being close to downtown. I also know people who commute from "downtown", which is more of a 45 minute walk but you could take the Trolley, a free bus route that is fairly reliable. It might not be impossible to find a studio or 1bd for 1k, but it will be harder. 1.2 k is more likely.
  2. I similarly applied to their PhD in anthropology and was accepted into this "interdisciplinary masters" instead. They invited me to an *online* visit day, not very promising. Prestigious revenue stream to be sure.
  3. I just want to echo the above post—My understanding was the funded programs aren't inherently better, but that getting a job with a PhD is such a crapshoot that there is no point in graduating with debt. And that grad school should be a full-time job, so if you have to work to support yourself doing something other than TA/RA-ing, you won't be able to put in enough time to learn the skills that make you employable afterwards. The advice is pragmatic; what's elitist is that the name-brand schools are the ones that have enough funding to fund their students.
  4. I think Norma Mendoza-Denton at UCLA has been moving in that direction; she's a linguist.
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