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  1. Yes I did turned it down. Like half month ago.
  2. I am deciding between risd and sva, at this point, it’s all about funding...
  3. I heard that risd has sent out their 3 year GD offer ( not sure about 2-year one) but I don't know if they don't send offer, will I still hear from them? it probably will be a waitlist or even rejection.
  4. (MFA graphic design) Got accepted from Mica with a bit funding. Got accepted from SVA with no funding. If I am doing well in risd interview, and get the offer. That will be a extremely hard choice. Knowing that risd is like always the top1 for all the time, but I m worry about their resources. SVA do provide a great resources and its NYC, but it’s expensive. I have checked Mica’s program, I like their student work and they seems like well connected with the industry. But still...I m not sure about the career choices after graduate...what to hear some real world voice on this
  5. Just got accepted from SVA today. I m wandering when will risd send out their decision after interview conducted? I haven’t hear from pratt COMD either, I start to think prolly they don’t do interview. Nothing from parsons either. At this time, I think if the school don’t send any message out, I believe it’s either a No or they are WIP.
  6. hahahaha, selling program sounds quite hilarious since it’s from Risd! Thanks for sharing. I hope I ll do a great job like you do. I guess I ll got my official offer letter from SVA soon, I checked my portal and it said so.
  7. I ll be appreciated! And we almost have the same school list. I interviewed with MICA, my SVA interview is coming in this week, and I m preparing my risd interview as well. But i have not hear anything from CCA, parsons, Pratt. For parsons I applied to D&T, just for the 2 year MFA. I guess pratt will be the last one to get in touch w me.
  8. I received their interview from 3yr GD, if you don't mind to share, what question did they ask?
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