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  1. Any luck with the results? Or are you still waiting? I got my interview invite on 9th March and I'm not sure either if it's a positive indication or do they send out digital interview invites to all eligible candidates
  2. I feel the same. Although I've heard it's standard procedure and (almost) everyone got an interview invite. Also, I haven't seen a lot of Columbia rejects yet. Only admits. Which might not be a very good sign. Fingers crossed!
  3. I'd applied to Columbia for MS in Computer Science for Fall 2019 and submitted my application on Jan 15th. I got an interview invitation from on 9th March, 2019, which I gave on 10th. I haven't heard back from them since. I enquired about the same yesterday (21st March, 2019) if there was any status update for the application or if I was required to do anything else. I received a one liner reply stating that my application "remains in their review pipeline." Now, I understand around this time of the year, they'd be getting a lot of enquiries. So I wasn't really expecting
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