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  1. On 3/7/2020 at 8:57 AM, Anon1138 said:

    Don't let this stop you from continuing your journey--I know you'll do great things in the field!

    Thanks!I was accepted by UPenn Learning Science and Technology program! See you guys in America!

  2. 4 hours ago, Betty Xie said:

    I think the decision will be released on 3.6 based on past years' pattern..

    Feel free to correct me if anyone has insight knowledge. 

    Haha sure! The first half part of the message was edited a week ago, but somehow it popped up on this message~I suppose it will be released around Mar. 6th. Good luck!

  3. Hi everyone! I think it's probably not too early to start this HGSE 2020 thread. I'm an entrepreneur of several companies related to education in China, now I'm thinking of applying to Harvard to pursue my master's degree. I'd love to have feedback on my stats or background.

    Applying for TIE master's program

    Program: TIE

    GRE score: Registered for July.14th. Took the old GRE in 2006, got V: 710 Q: 800 AW: 4.5. But a bit concerned because I've been out of the standardized test zone for quite a while.

    TOEFL score: Not taken yet. Registered for Sept. 22nd.

    Work experience: 1 year as an English teacher for K-12 students in a for-profit company. Started my own English training company in 2012. Started online teaching through both platforms and uploading teaching videos and audios in 2015. Initiated another edtech company in 2017.

    Undergrad information: Electronic Engineering at Tianjin University in China(used to be top 10 universities), got a BS(Bachelor of Science) degree.

    Undergrad GPA: Quite unsatisfying of approximately 2.5, according to WES. Mostly 60-70 out of 100.

    LORs: 2 from professors who have worked or shared experiences with me from my university, 1 from my ex-colleague as the superintendent of my department.

    What other schools are you applying to: Columbia TC, UPenn, Stanford, UNC, NYU


    I knew nothing about graduate school until I decided to apply in Feb. 2019, so some views might be naive. Feel free to point out anything that's weird. Best of luck!

    And plus, I am deeply worried that my GPA would hamper my application. I know Harvard said 'whether you fit for the program paramounts', the old stereotype still goes with 'Harvard is looking for the best students' maybe anyone can demystify this notion? Thanks!

  4. 19 hours ago, Anon79158 said:

    You definitely deserve a spot in the class. I can identify with you, as I also had superior stats compared to others both academically and professionally. But they refused to overlook that one mistake from undergrad (top 3 in country in rankings too). Nothing else is a possibility. They are only “holistic” to a degree.

    Oh no! I also got low GPA from a renowned university in China, but I was in another major, EE. Would that affect the whole process? I was haunted by the low GPA, and I don't want to waste my time to get a master's in China. Now I'm really at this position of my life, I feel the need to get a master's to finish my following plans, and I did my research then it turns out Harvard is my best fit. Hopefully this only pit wouldn't affect the matriculation.


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