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  1. amb22

    HGSE 2020

    did anyone receive an email from HGSE with the subject "Applying for 2020-2021 HGSE Financial Aid" today? for reference, I applied on 01.05 for an edm in hdp
  2. for those of you who have received an admissions decision from Columbia: what time were you notified?
  3. I also applied last minute on the 1st so hopefully we’ll find out soon!! also - I’m pretty sure that my specialization has been listed since I submitted my app. Not to be a buzzkill but I’m not sure if it means anything. But hopefully it does!
  4. Ah I applied dec 1 and my app was marked as complete dec 13 . I also applied to penn! hopefully I’ll hear back soon. again, congrats!!!! I’m sure you’re over the moon!
  5. Congrats to everyone!! When did you all apply?
  6. Omg congrats!!! That’s amazing!!!!! Where do you see the decision? When did you apply? I applied Dec 1 and check the portal religiously lol
  7. Did anyone apply to BC and/or UChicago for the Jan 15 (yesterday) deadline?
  8. Congrats!!! 😊😊😊😊 Do you mind sharing your stats?
  9. What do you guys mean by criteria?
  10. I didn't say my name. I thought we'd start hearing around now until February also. I have a feeling that they just said March and that we might be hearing back sooner.
  11. I just spoke to Columbia admissions and asked when students who applied for the msw program on December 1st will hear back and I was told first week of march
  12. amb22

    HGSE 2020

    hi! does anyone have any idea as to when edm decisions become available? I applied jan 5.
  13. hi! has anyone received an admissions decision from columbia? (good luck to everyone!)
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