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  1. I emailed them too. And got an automatic response. This wait time is Killing me.... I am kind of losing hope now. Have deadlines coming up for accepting another program. Here is what said in the response [AUTOMATIC REPLY] Thank you for your email! Please note that the Fall 2019 admissions review is underway. Decisions are expected to go out in early April. Prospective Students: If you are contacting the Data Science Institute regarding the MS in Data Science or Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences program, we encourage you to sign up for an upcoming Online Information Session. These sessions will include an overview of Columbia University, student life, the admissions application process, as well as Columbia Engineering's graduate level data science academic programs; Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences and Master of Science in Data Science. Review a previously recorded online information session here: Fall 2018 Session We also encourage you to review the extensive FAQ page that addresses many of the most commonly asked questions. For technical application issues, please contact the SEAS Graduate Student Affairs office: seasgradmit@columbia.edu.
  2. Hi all, I just called the DSI admission. They told me they are sending out decisions in the next 2 weeks. Regarding the interview, they did not answer clearly for me. Sounds like not all applicants are interviewed but they are still under reviewing process and is still sending out interview requests ... not sure whether it is helpful, but at least we still have some hope... it’s been a long process waiting
  3. @DataWK Same here. Haven't received an interview or a decision back. So nervous. I dont know whether they are going to send out the interview/decision for a second wave~ Becuase I have seen that they give people a pretty short time for response to accept an offer, and it seems last few years that they are sending out offer in a couple waves. Finger crossed -
  4. congrats to all who have got offers! Question for Columbia program, did anyone get/complete an interview with them? Any words?
  5. Just wanna start a post for Columbia Data Science 2019 fall applicants. Has anyone heard back yet? Or what is your process?
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