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  1. Hi there, I have also received an invitation from Columbia DS today Congratulation for all your acceptances! For me I'm currently choosing among NYU DS, Duke MIDS and CMU - BIDA (business intelligence & data analytics). I've got a scholarship from both Duke & CMU so cost won't be a concern. I'm leaning towards Duke MIDS as the faculty is highly skilled & it's a two years program with flexible curriculum although it's a new program. still not toooo sure though Waiting for Columbia DS & UPenn MCIT program.
  2. Hey there! I also received AD from MIDS this week Thanks for your advice. Just wondering will you accept your offer? Have seen some negative comments on the result page as it's a brand new program... but the faculty seems to be highly knowledgable and they do care about the students quite a lot I'm not too sure about whether to choose this program or CMU-BIDA as I got 40% tuition scholarship from CMU... still waiting for Columbia & UPenn
  3. Thanks Cali! The website is super helpful! I'll take a further look
  4. Thanks Haren! The reason I thought Penn/NW might be good as they have a much smaller class size and harder to get in especially for Upenn? Glad to know Columbia is great as I'm still waiting for their outcome. I've heard a few rumours about some programs in Columbia are a cash cow / the curriculum in Columbia is unstructured.. not sure about the details though. What do you think about Columbia?
  5. hey guys, how would you guys rank the following programs? just try to understand more about the reputation & quality of data science/analytics programs I guess stanford & harvard & MIT have the top 3 analytics programs. NYU DS / Columbia DS / Duke MIDS / UPenn DS / NorthWestern Analytics / George Tech Analytics / CMU BIDA I'm thinking Upenn > NorthWestern > NYU > Duke > George Tech > Columbia > CMU BIDA?
  6. Hey how's your NYU application going? I just received an email that I'm on the WL
  7. Thank you! You definitely have an outstanding background! I just received my interview invite as well :) Do you mind sharing what kind of questions they might ask during an interview? Are you planning to take Duke's offer?
  8. It looks like they have started sending out interviews as well.. although I havent received any updates yet have you guys received the columbia DS interview?
  9. Congrats! Did you do an interview? Would you like to share more about your background?
  10. Anyone heard back from Duke / Northwestern? I knew they have started sending out the interview invite...
  11. Hi guys, just starting a thread on master applications as I've seen the other topic is more for phd students Feel free to share your application information. For me: Applied (data science master program): Columbia, Duke, Harvard, U Penn, Northwestern, NYU, CMU, Stanford Just got rejection from Upenn
  12. Hey guys, just interested to know should I retake GRE for top data science Master program like Stanford / Harvard/CMU.. I knew that sometimes a high GRE score (330+) might support the average GPA.. I'm currently getting verbal 158 & quant 166 with a GPA 3.76. (I've seen most of the people who got accepted to Stanford had 3.9+ GPA) I had two years work experience in consulting analytics team & strong letters from workplace. It seems that the data science program for this year is very competitive. Should I retake GRE again for a higher chance to get into the top programs?
  13. Thank you! I've checked a few stats programs but most of them had less focus in computing / programming. Would like to have more involvement in machine learning & build my programming skills That was my main purpose for studying. Your application looks very strong! Good luck to your application too
  14. more feedbacks will be highly appreciated! still feeling nervous for not getting in any of the programs... retook my GRE today, unfortunately, got exactly the same scores as last time gg
  15. thank you! Highly appreciated. The NC program is great however it's a 10 months degree. Will prefer a longer degree
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