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  1. Anyone officially decide on attending NYMC for Fall 2020 cohort? I think this is currently my #1 choice.
  2. So far: 150 Quant, 151 Verbal, 4.0 Writing Early Childhood Education major, minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences - 3.8 GPA Most Pre-req's completed through Utah State University - 3.9 GPA Research assistant at NYU, 100+ observation hours volunteering at private practice, Aphasia group volunteer, early intervention intern at children's hospital NYU Steinhardt, Teachers College @ Columbia University, LIU Brooklyn, LIU Post, Hofstra, and New York Medical College Applied / Accepted / Waitlisted / Interview / Rejected
  3. Anyone who attends programs such as Hofstra, LIU Post, New York Medical College, LIU Brooklyn, etc. give some insight on their program? Likes/dislikes? I tried to find some info but haven't really seen much.
  4. just went onto my application and it said i had an update... rejected
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