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  1. That website is so helpful thank you!! I will definetely use that when preparing for mine. I saw a few of us applied to UT-Austin, has anyone heard anything yet?!
  2. Yay thats so exciting, congrats!! I'm so scared for mine! What was it like? Any tips?!
  3. Thank you so much for the advice, that helps so much! It has been so stressful trying to finish all of the applications (only have 1 left now!) and waiting to hear back. I am worried that some schools will just look at numbers and then turn me away, since the stronger part of my application is with my SOP and resume.
  4. Hi! I thought I would create a thread for everyone who is applying to schools in the US for audiology for the fall. I don't have that many friends going into audiology so if anyone has any tips for the application process it would be very much appreciated!!
  5. I am in a similar boat with a low GPA, especially CSD! I have a 3.0 CSD GPA but am hoping that personal experience combined with my professional experience through research and other things will make up for it. I think your GRE will be fine because I got a 146 on verbal and am still told by some schools they will still consider me! I feel like we won't know the answer until we apply since they look at applicants so individually. Make sure to put in your SOP the reasoning behind why your GPA may be lower and how it does not show your potential.
  6. Yes I am! I submitted my 3 days ago. I saw your reply on the other thread about how good of a program it is! It made me feel a lot better about looking there so thank you. Did they say anything when you visited about when to expect to hear back? Its so stressful waiting to hear back from all of these programs! I decided not to apply to TWU anymore but I am not sure if I regret that decision or not now??
  7. Ok good, that makes me feel better! I am also applying to UNT. I don't have the best GPA but do have a lot of other outside experience and research so hopefully that will help. Do you know anything about how good the program is or anything?
  8. Hi! I'm applying to UT Dallas too and it is one of my top choices. I heard the program is pretty big so I'm not sure how they look at different aspects of the application.
  9. Does the request get sent for each individual school so they can send a separate letter for each one?
  10. I am struggling with that too!! I have a powerful personal story I could use but I don't know how much detail to go in versus how much detail to go in for academics. Also because I feel like having a personal story that connects with the field helps make you stand out but I could be wrong??
  11. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knew any updates on whether or not they have been accredited? I was planning on applying for Fall 2020 but didn't know if I should or not if they are still not accredited.
  12. Ohh interesting! thank you all for bringing up that point, do you think if I asked my advisor or called their admissions office I would be able to find out for sure if it was worth applying there?
  13. Hi guys! I'm applying for fall 2020 as well. I haven't submitted my applications yet but will in the next week or so after I finalize my essays! Let me know if anyone else is applying to the same schools/knows anything about any of these schools Major: Speech Language Hearing Science GPA 3.27 // GRE: 146 V 157 Q 4.5 AW Applying to: University of North Texas (SLP), University of Texas-Austin (Aud), University of Texas-Dallas (Aud), Texas Woman's University (SLP), University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (SLP), University of Iowa (Aud), UT-Health Science Center at San Antonio (SLP) Applied /Interview / Accepted / Waitlisted / Rejected
  14. How long have you been waiting for yours to go through? I just sent mine in a few days ago and am still waiting as well. I probably wouldnt do it either if I had known how long it takes!
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