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  1. I'd love to get into the student housing... but I heard that it is less likely to receive housing if you get funding. So I am starting to look elsewhere. If you have already been accepted into Sciences Po and haven't received funding you might still be in luck. I know sometimes students decline an offer and students can essentially "take" that funding. Overall 1000CHF isn't too bad, particularly if the overall tuition is lower. I would call them and ask if a notification can be released early, or call Geneva to see if you can postpone you're payment. If you're french is good enough Sciences Po admissions are more likely to help you if you speak french.
  2. It is and isn't realistic.It all depends on where you shop, what you buy, and where you live. If you don't care about standard of living you can find things for an okay price, but you compromise things as well. For example, people will sublet for a month or two for pretty cheap, but you will have to move around a lot. For food, shop discount or take the time to go to France (which is what I did, there is a tram that goes there) and it's half the price. But for sure if you get the scholarship for Sciences Po I'd do that. The deadline for Geneva is the 15th. It means you can make the payment and whatnot on the same day. You just wouldn't get a lot of time to decide. I officially committed to Geneva, mostly because they gave me funding and it is the best program, plus I know the city and have connections there already I am however nervous for the housing.
  3. For me as an American, I already have a crazy amount of student loan debt. I've lived in Geneva and Paris before and for sure Geneva is the better option if you're looking to make connections. Personally, I got into Sciences Po but chose Geneva based on networking and internships. Paris and Geneva cost about the same to live in as well. You can find a room in Geneva for around 450 euro if you're diligent and are willing to write in French.
  4. Accepted into MIA with partial scholarship for both cost of living and tuition. Honestly, this makes living in Geneva just livable.
  5. Also accepted into MIA! 3/4 reduction in tuition and half living expenses scholarship. This barely makes Geneva livable.. But doable!
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