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    Woolf, wine, jazz, being occasionally elitist, wandering around cities, museums, roses. Trying to figure out a proper relationship with theory so that I can get into an English PhD program this round.
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  1. I paid on my fellowship my first year and ended up paying something like $450 in taxes (partially because I have side income for the summer). Some others in my program didn't report their fellowship and turned out fine, but I didn't want to risk it (especially since I've messed up on my H&R Block form and the IRS came after me for an entire $5.00). This year, mostly because of the rent credit, I actually got a $350 refund, so make sure you're using that!
  2. Most stuff begins going on the market the first of June. It's an aggressive market for sure, but it can be done without completely losing your mind and you have some time.
  3. Technically a Tufts Jumbo, which sounds even sillier. Welcome!
  4. I know in my program, at least, the students that come in with BAs have to take a Master's Exam and pass a language exam before getting their MA. The ones with MAs get to skip the exam and start teaching earlier, as they have a year less funding. Not finishing your MA may mean more work and requirements for you in the PhD program, and possibly with less time due to funding.
  5. Hello! I'm currently at Tufts and was in the same position when I applied- put on the waitlist, rejected that year, and then accepted the year after. Feel free to PM me with any questions about the program and the waitlist (I don't have any insider info about the admissions process, but I'm happy to talk about the program and my experience ).
  6. *waves* I'm at Tufts and while I'm not going to be submitting to this conference because it's too far outside of my area of interest, I've been to two of these in my time here and they're always a great, interesting discussion and event!
  7. Ditto to what everyone else has said. I took 2 years between my BA and going back for a Ph.D and it was no problem. I have a friend who worked five years in publishing in between her MA and the Ph.D. What matters is how strong an applicant you are coming in.
  8. In my area, yes, that's a reality, especially if you're in your first couple of years (the one or two summer teaching positions and summer funding goes to the more advanced students). Some people save up enough from their stipends to make it through the summer, but I have members of my cohort who work retail or in the library to make ends meet. Personally, I'll be freelance editing this summer, which is more attractive, but I'm constantly worried about making enough money to get myself through the summer.
  9. Hello! Just wanted to reach out to those of you considering Tufts and say that you should PM me with questions about the program! I'm a second-year there and vividly remember the hell of application season (was waitlisted the first try, got in the second. Tufts at least has stellar communication if you're waitlisted, I must say). I know nothing about the timing of application decisions, but I can definitely answer questions about what Tufts is like.
  10. Yes, this happened to me. I was waitlisted, rejected, and then accepted the next go-around. I revamped my SoP and writing sample a ton. In my case, I found out later that the biggest reason they didn't take me was that my POI had just failed to get tenure and was in the process of leaving, so they had no one working in my specialty. By the next year they had hired a new British Modernist, so they had somewhere to put me. So keep in mind that sometimes the rejection has very little to do with your qualifications and a lot to do with departmental issues we don't see. That being said, do work on
  11. Hi everyone, I'm currently in my first year at Tufts (and completely remember the madness of being where you are now last year!), so I thought I'd tell people to send me a PM if you have any questions about the program. I unfortunately know nothing about the timing of decisions, but I'd be happy to answer questions about the program itself. Best of luck to everyone during this horrible time. I suggest lots of walks to avoid the inevitable refreshing (and refreshing.... and refreshing...) of the results page.
  12. I attend Tufts and it's really great in terms of teaching. The first year is a fellowship year (which is where I'm at now) with no teaching while you get used to coursework. You serve as a TA and take a pedagogy course for the first semester of your second year to get you used to teaching, with additional mentoring over the next summer. Then starting in the beginning of your third year you teach one section of basic writing a semester. It's capped at 10 students and I've been told you have a lot of leeway to design your own course. I haven't started my teaching yet, but all the more advanced g
  13. I don't remember if she does much ethnic American lit, but have you checked out Cathy Carruth at Cornell?
  14. hey hopeful woolfian! congrats on tufts. definitely on my hopeful list for next yr!

  15. I found this community right at the end of my unsuccessful application season last year... just in time to start checking the results boards obsessively . I don't post a huge amount, but I've gotten a lot of wisdom from the previous posts. I'm so glad this resource exists; it was extremely helpful for me this time around and it was so good to commiserate with others when my RL friends and boyfriend got tired of hearing me obsess over the wait. I'm so happy for the people that have found a spot this time, and those who didn't shouldn't give up- I've been there! I'm planning on sticking around,
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